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A 60 deg angle is usually more desirable , as this promotes fruit buds
Horizontal , wich would be 90 deg.angle tends to promote water sprout type of suckers.
Agree with fruit nut, …earlier is better


I should have been more specific, I didn’t mean completely horizontal, @ 90 degrees. Thank you both for your comments. I haven’t done the best job keeping wide crotch angles (60 deg) up to this point. I have succeeded with some branches but not with others. :confused: I am going to try to retrain the more vertical branches if I think I can do it without breaking them.
I want to do a better job with my new plantings this spring, so I can get the branches angled correctly from the beginning, using either spreaders or tying. I don’t want to stunt their growth though.


Anyone growing a Fuyu persimmon and Sugarcane jujube near Dallas, Texas? Trying to figure out when these suckers should be leafing out. Honey Jar has just started, but Sugarcane isn’t showing anything.


My sugarcane is leafing out…most of mine are but I have a Li that has just started days after the others started. I also have a couple of rootstocks that have not started yet and the others have already been grafted. They kinda have their own clock and that’s what they are going to do. Persimmons are also late breaking bud. My eureka has swollen buds but no leaf yet. My rootstocks some have a few leaves, some have swelling buds and some have nothing yet. They all scratch green. @Bhawkins has jujubes and persimmons close to you. He might have more info.


Half my Jujujbee’s & persimmons have leafed out, half havent, here in Allen . Pears all leafed out, almost no apples yet, half the figs


Thanks y’all. @Bhawkins - What varieties of apples and persimmons are you growing?


Will a fruit cherry tree (sweet or sour) accept a graft from any of the Romance series bush cherries? I know I can just transplant a root sprout that they send up, but I have a couple of large cherry trees that I’d like to either top work or at lest get a large limb going. I’d say this has been asked before but I didn’t see it. Thanks.


I had sweet cherry grafted on CJ couple of years ago and it seems grow well. Don’t know if it works other way around


You’re always helpful, Annie! I’d say if that worked it probably would go the other way, but we’ll see what others say. BTW…I noticed you used past tense. Does that mean it eventually died (the graft)? Did it ever fruit?


Yes, in the PNW some nurseries are selling grafted versions. It seems to lose it’s dwarfing when grafted and acts like any other tart cherry. Vincent has one.


A lot. Just moved to a new home 2 years ago. Had a lot at the old home too. Maybe 20 varieties of apples, 15 of persimmons. Favorite apple so far is Enterprise, Jiro hard persimmon, Saijo soft persimmon


20 varieties? Wow. I’m looking for the best cedar apple rust and fire blight resistant varieties to add to my Liberty next year or would like to plant some dwarfs. Do you not have any issues with your varieties? Any dwarfed varieties working out for you?

I keep reading how great Saijo is. I think I need to find a spot for another persimmon or plan to do some grafting.


That depends on how big I want the branch to be before I start focusing on fruit production. The more upright, the more vigorous the growth and once a branch starts fruiting that will also dwarf growth. I often depend on hinges to get excessively thick and stiff branches to bend towards horizontal- this is a continuing chore for me in my nursery and the orchards I manage. I prefer not to have to use hinges but I also like to get things sized up as soon as possible- these are opposing ambitions. Sometimes I keep the leader fairly upright of a graft and tape down secondary branches to below horizontal to coax quick fruiting…


Thank you @alan, I appreciate your response as well! I have some peach, apricot, and sour cherry that are 3 & 4 yrs in the ground, planted as 2 yr olds, that have too much upright growth… I had tried spreading limbs to create desired crotch angles the first year, then bent and tied branches to coax down towards horizontal last year. I didn’t get desired results on some, I should have been making adjustments where needed. So in looking at my 1 yr old apples, peaches, and pears, I am trying to figure this out in my mind how I will encourage growth and maturity, shape wide crotch angles, not stunt growth by bending too much or too soon… just trying to figure it all out. I suppose I also need to get over the fear of using hinges at some point, if needed! Your posts, as well as others’, help tremendously, thanks!!


Hi Chadspur, Enterprise should do well for you. There’s an article that seems to mirror my experiences at Of course you can spray for CAR, but I’m too lazy. I planted a Goldrush & Pixie Crunch once 30 ft from some tall cedars, big mistake, CAR ate them up; but a Goldrush 200 ft away seemed unaffected. I haven’t had much of a fireblight problem with Apples, but did lose a Gala & Golden Delicious.


Quick question: should I mix nufilm with my streptomycin fireblight spray? Or will the nufilm somehow disrupt pollination?


Have you ever heard of Bada Bing Cherry or experience? Is it just another name for Lapin? How do you like it? Thanks

Description from isons:
“Bada Bing Cherry is an excellent cherry with dark red skin and purplish red flesh. The fruit is very firm and sweet. This self-fertile variety is resistant to cracking and serves as a good pollinator for other sweet cherries. Bada Bing ripens in late June – 1-2 week after the Bing cherry. Chill hours: 800 Zones: 4-8”


I doubt a sticker would be helpful for such an ephemeral pesticide. A spreader, maybe, but not a sticker. However, I don’t really know what I’m writing about, never having sprayed for FB. If you had to spray and was expecting rain in a few hours, the sticker might be helpful. The label should tell you if spraying flowers is a danger to pollination and I doubt it is- just don’t use it as an attempt to extend coverage beyond 24 hours- that can’t help. I’m glad I buy my pesticides from a chemical supplier that provides expert advice with these types of questions, their experience often exceeds that of Cornell sources of info. Of course, advise here is often equally good, so I hope someone with a lot of experience with strep can give you a better answer than mine.


Never heard of it until you mentioned it here. In addition to Ison (offered it at a reasonable price of $25), another nursery, Fast-Growing Tree sells it for $124.95 ( with trimming included). I have to laugh at such a ridiculous price!

If it is as good as advertised, more nurseries will carry it. I’ll wait and see.


I was reading about the donut shaped peaches. I thought these were a “newer” type shaped peaches. Then I was reading another article about a donut shaped peach from back in the 1800’s. Has anyone else heard of or know about this peach or know the actual name of that 1800’s donut shaped peach? I though that was an interesting little tidbit of information about the donut shaped peaches being that old. Of course when I tried to find that online article all I can find is articles about donuts. That doesn’t help plus it makes me hungry for donuts.