Questions not deserving of a whole thread


After grafting about a half dozen varieties,the only ones to take were Shenandoah and I’m not sure


Not experienced but the one I grafted was Sunflower on to a Mango. The graft took easily. I may be lucky that I grafted it on a very vigorous variety like Mango.

@Hillbillyhort, I didn’t recall pawpaw wood that soft.


(“I didn’t recall pawpaw wood that soft.”)
I think of it as soft, and uniformly predictable , when cut.


Going out on a limb here, no pun intended- anyone growing jujube in zone 5a/4b?


Also, gooseberry cutting are looking like they want to flower. Should i nip the flower buds off?


I would, flowers would be a waste of energy that could otherwise be used for rooting.


Quick question,

I want to do a root pruning on my potted fig. The fig is still in complete dormancy. Is it okay to perform this task now?



From what I understand, and what I try to do, root pruning is ideally done at bud swell when the tree is fully hydrated. Dormancy is the next best option but may delay growth since the tree will take longer to hydrate with less roots.


okay, I’ll wait a little,



Question .
Have you fed your ants lately ?
Well I did just a few days ago…
3 colony’s woke up…inside the house,…and they were hungry…
So… I fed them…
In a small jar lid, ( upside down)
.,borax ( a big pinch)
1/2 and 1/2 honey /water to cover borax well.
They seamed thankfull. Hauled it right home…
…To feed their first brood… ( read— "nip in the bud ")
Have you fed your ants lately ?
It may be time.?


Actually I have :grin: My Camponotus girls aren’t interested in fruit flies yet this year which means that they still aren’t ready for spring, but they have been drinking plenty of water and sugar water from saturated cotton balls. I’m hopeful that the colony will quadruple in size before next winter.


Carpenter ants ?
Are these pets,?
Livestock ?
Do tell…


Yes, they are carpenter ants which I am treating as pets. I am not a fan of the odorus ants (Tapinoma) that invade my house every spring, but I find the larger carpenter ants interesting enough to keep. I caught the queen during her nuptial flight and let her found a colony in a test tube last spring. Once she had her second batch of workers I moved her into a formicarium. The first batch are raised on stores from her own body while she starves, the second batch is raised on food brought home by the first batch. Because of this the first batch of workers, called nanitics, are underfed and stunted while the second batch are larger both in body size and number. Basically the colony is very fragile until they have the numbers built up so you have to wait to move them out of their test tube. There are forums just like this one for people who keep ants as pets. There is also an overly dramatized youtube channel called AntsCanada where the owner gets enough money from people watching his videos that he can live off it.


I’dont like ants in the house.
But , I do find them fascinating .
The leaf cutters and army ants in Central America are very entertaining , amazing colony’s .
Quite a force to deal with , if they are after something you care about.
I have Allegheny mound ants around the farm.
Some hills 2ft high…they can kill fruit trees if to close.
I try to let them be…just don’t want them in the house.


Neat house they have!


Still waiting on spring here. Anyone know if these will be the first flowers on this espalier Bartlett, or just vegetative? This is the 3rd year from a potted tree.


Looks like fruit spurs on their second year to my inexperienced eyes. I’m surprised you haven’t seen fruit yet, but would strongly expect you to get something this year.


Yes they do!


Yah . I think the football ( 1/2 football) looking ones are going to bloom ?
But , @clarkinks , will tell…?


I have these trees or canes growing here on the farm, and was wondering if anyone knowswhat they are. They come from a crown. The canes/branches are fuzzy.

Is it a type of dogwood? The tallest branches go up to 8ft or so.