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No not really, Fuji, Granny smith, yellow delicious. all average vigor only honey crisp is low vigor. So you can graft to any of your 3 largest branches. Leave at least two good buds on so you keep all of your varieties.

Ok. Thank you for your reply. Dang honey crisp. Its like a little twig on the tree. I have tried to cut the other varieties back so it can catch up but it seems not to want to. Only time will tell. The other varieties I’m going to try and graft our sweet 16 and pristine. Are those vigorous growers?

I’m going to try and graft the pristine Apple onto a ginger gold and the sweet 16 on to the tree above.

I don’t recall having seen so many buds on the tips of my trees before. Then again i havent had them but 3 years. Could some of these be flower buds? Or likely just vegetative?

Its a mount royal plum btw


I don’t have any explanation, other than I’ve been through that before.

I remember Carolina Gold disappointed me at first. Then started producing like crazy.

There are lots of trees like that. That start out hit and miss, and then start to produce like a Holstein.

If your Redhaven is truly a Redhaven, it will eventually give loads of peaches every year. That tree wants eventually wants to produce fruit buds. Very aggressively.

When Pawpaw flowers get fertilized,do they continue with the male stage or bypass that part and become fruit?bb

I bought apple, plum and pear rootstocks this year. All apple and plum rootstocks leafed out, but pear rootstocks Ohxf 333 and 97 do not any sign of going to leaf out some time soon ( yes they’re alive for sure). Is this normal? Does anyone have similar experience with OHXF rootstock?

I grafted to '87, '97, and '333 last spring and if I recall, they were all behind the apples that I did.

The rounded buds will be flowers, the pointy buds are leaves.

Andy,thanks for sharing. It is a little relaxing info.

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That’s a good question. From what I’ve seen, I think they still give off pollen, but I’m not really sure. If the pollen is already developed and ready to release from the anthers at that point, then I don’t see why they wouldn’t release it.

I think those are all leaf shoots. Sometimes the dormant buds get packed close like that, not sure why but its not uncommon on Euro plums.

Alright @scottfsmith and @mrsg47 . I’ll make it through this difficult time, don’t worry. :disappointed_relieved::wink::slightly_smiling_face:


I noticed this on some of the branches on my sweet treat pluerry and I’m not sure if it’s from a pear or just from growth. Any opinions?

They do continue to become male, but they fade more quickly. (Ive sometines wondered if fertilization was successful.


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So my gate got left open the other night and some deer did some serious damage to some of my baby fruit trees. Some just got a heavy top pruning, but some like my Lapin Cherry and Zutano Avocado are down to 6 and 2 leaves respectively. Cursed deer!

Is there anything I can do to help them recover? My soil tested as having almost zero nitrogen so I added about 3 lbs of Urea in Feb. for about 12 trees that are planted in a row 5’ apart. Can I add more? How much is too much? I want the trees to grow as much as possible this year.

I’m sorry to hear that, Robin. Deer are one of the only battles I have NOT had to fight in my orchard. Hopefully with a little fertilize and some time you’re trees will all recover. I’m not very familiar with CA but I’m surprised there are so many deer in the SF Bay area that you have to fence them out!!!


That’s so sad. If your sun is hot and strong, a little shading might help the cherry while it grows new leaves.

I don’t know much about fertilizers.

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Looks like the fast growth is causing the bark to do that.

You would be surprised how many deer there are in Washington DC.

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I understand that composted deer makes a very good ,high nitrogen , organic fertilizer that repels deer.!