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That tree looks store/nursery bought in person. Anything that I’ve ordered and shipped to me has been pretty much the trunk and no branches whatsoever. Looks very nice.


What rootstocks they are on. They look quite close to each other.

That’s a blueberry behind, and it looks closer than it is because I was shooting with a zoom that was on the camera for another purpose! Makes the blueberry look bigger than it is too… They’re on Mahaleb.

Is there any harm in adding a “hot pepper spray” solution to a regular spray treatment on fruit trees? I use a fruit tree spray AND A sticking agent when I spray my trees. I have some deer eating the tips of the branches of all my smaller trees. I usually spray that separate later on in the year. There are about three deer coming up from the woods behind me and eating on the branches. I was just not sure that concoction would be okay to do or would be a killing agent for the fruit trees.
Thank you for your help.

In my greenhouse,there are Spider mites that need to be dealt with in the Summer.
Sometimes,I mix in a little Cayenne Pepper powder in the tank,with some other things,to spray stone fruit trees and there haven’t been any adverse

I have two questions:

I have a few tiny pink spots on my developing peaches on one tree. Just pretty looking pink dots, but I know it could be a disease starting! What is it?

And my Romeo cherry:
After bloom, many flowers looked especially brown and crispy and those small branches have died back several inches. It’s too many small branchlets to be normal. Other branches and fading flowers look completely normal. Is this some kind of blossom disease? I haven’t sprayed young Romeo yet this year (or any last year, actually).

Was it raining at all when the Romeo Cherry was blooming?I have to put a cover over my Romance Cherries until fruiting starts and even then they do that

I think your cherry got cherry blight.

And your peaches got bacterial spots.

I may be wrong. You should check out these references.

What is causing the discolorations?

I read somewhere that birds sometimes poke on the fruits, even the unripe ones, because they are thirsty, not hungry. For a backyard gardener, providing a water source, like a bird bath, not a feeder, may help on that. Unfortunately, it also means more birds may come to the yard. That would help or hurt the harvest, depending on the kind of fruit tree I guess. I would appreciate any comments based on your experience or reasoning.

Provide water.
If birds are around eating seeds and bad bugs anyways then they will need water.


Do deer like to eat aronia ?
Going to plant a row, wonder if they must be caged ?
I have a bush by the house, they have not bothered.
But a new row , in a open feild may be tempting ?
What is the " collective wisdom".?
How much do deer like aronia ?
Do they stand a chance ?
Must prioritize cages here …

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they are related to apples so i would say yes. we have almost no deer here but lots of moose but haven’t seen one in my yard since last year so maybe others have more experience.

Do you grow aronia there?
A Google search , lists them as mostly deer resistant.
This is relative.
Just wanted some firsthand reports of people’s experiences with deer -/- aronia.

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i have 2 bushes and they grow well but like i said i don’t have many deer here. they have never been touched so maybe they are. maybe someone else would have more experience than me.

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I know you are not suppose to spray trees before it rains, but what about afterwards - while the trees are still wet?

I have a small Aronia, I think ‘viking’, it has been untouched by pests (except for Japanese beetles) over the last ~2 years it has been in the ground at my place

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This tree was supposed to be a “Bonanza Patio Peach” but after seeing the fruit it looks like a nectarine.

Safe to say this is not a Bonanza?

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The fruit does look like

You are 100% safe to say it’s not a peach. That makes it a nectarine.

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