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@Stan, @Bradybb, @RichSV, When visiting the scions exchanges in California, have any of you come across the plum varieties of John W and Owens T. These are the last two plum I ever wish to graft.



Probably not,but I’m planning on visiting a couple this month and will watch for


No, I’ve never seen scions of either of these varieties.


@Bradybb, @Stan. Thanks guys.


It’s available at 39th Parallel as a bench graft, but looks like he’s sold out of existing trees. He usually uses M.111.


Is “Rome Beauty Law” the sport commonly referenced as Red Rome?


could someone tell me if I were to graft fuyu onto d lotus ,d Virginia 60 d Virginia 90 chromosome what difference would be in the harvest time in days ,on all of the three?? , Taking all the other aspects except that of rootstock constant.


I’m looking for few cherry rootstocks, are there sellers that are shipping now?


Would someone growing Granite Beauty give an opinion on it’s vigor? I received scion from Geneva and I’m trying to decide what root stock to put it on.


I have a graft of it on a mature host tree, and I’d describe it as moderately vigorous here. It’s put on a good bit of growth and fruited heavily, though not so much as some of the even more vigorous triploids.


Thanks Jerry, I’ll try it on G.890 then.


I’ve encountered something weird while pruning my apple trees. On some of the varieties , the center pith is brown, like it’s dead. The trees look perfectly fine. It’s green around the dead center and the buds are swelling. The lower branches I pruned off didn’t always have it.
It’s not just my apple tree. About fifty feet away my persimmon was the same, as was some wild plums that grow in the area.
We did have some sudden cold last year and these trees are grown in a frost pocket. The trees that are most effected are in one general area. Is this cold damage? Should I prune until I get to healthy yellow/white center pith?


Has anybody tried the Kola cider apple from Fedco? I have one on order to try, but curious if anybody has any experiences to share


Trying to decide what root stock to graft Newtown Spitzenberg apple to this spring. Does anyone have experience with it, and would you be able to give an opinion on vigor? (Note: it’s not an alternative name for Newtown Pippin). Also, does anyone know if Red Cinnamon Apple is a sport of Cinnamon Spice Apple?


I have an ambrosia beetle question. My neighbor has a big oak that was ailing and then killed by ambrosia beetles last year during our long dry spell. From what I’ve been told when the oaks are sick or suffering from drought, etc. they put out a pheromone signal that is meant for surrounding trees but is like a big welcome sign to the beetles. He’s having it taken down and was going to have the arborists leave the chips for him to use around his back yard and garden. But he is wondering if keeping anything from the tree might be keeping eggs, etc. from the beetles and could lead to them attacking other trees in his yard, and mine as well. I wasn’t sure if the beetles were still active in the tree once it is killed.

Any thoughts on this? Keeping chips from the tree okay? My gut would be to get rid of anything, but I’d like to give him some real background/facts about if this is really a significant concern. The buggers are already killing trees throughout our neighborhood so it isn’t like it was an isolated tree and therefore the only local source of beetles.

This extention suggest the tree be left onsite as mulch


I was having a hard time capturing what I wanted to show in this picture, and it finally dawned on me to get out the drone! This is a Clapps Pear. It and the Colette next to it have this circling branch tendency which makes pruning it a challenge. They tend to reach to the southern exposure. Should I be pruning out the curve to a bud pointing in the direction I want, or just let them be?


I have a Buerre Gifford that does the curling branch thing too, though it doesn’t just seem to be reaching South like that.


Hello Andy,
We have a Clapps that does exactly the same thing. All branches that grow from the north side of the trunk grow around it until they point southward. But I have to add that our pear has a big old cherry tree directly north AND above of it, so maybe it had less to do with the exposition and more with lack of sun hours…Are your pears freestanding?
Anyway we tried to prune it back to direction but it didn’t really work out for us, because the tree doesn’t even produce buds on the northern side.
Since I see that yours has buds, I would try it.


They’re both on standard root stock (trees originally came from Millers and I would guess they’re on OHxF97), so yes, freestanding. They get less south-western late day sun than they get south-east sun in the morning. I think this is this trees 10th season, no blooms yet, but the Colette started blooming 2 years ago and had fruit on it last summer, but lost the fruit mid-season. I’m hoping those buds on the Clapps will bloom this year, but I understand Clapps to be slow to fruit, especially on standard root stock.