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Ok, what is the general consensus for burying the graft union on jujubes? And how deep if so? Does anyone have experience with breakage at the union? I am in hurricane country FWIW.


I can’t have crocus b/c squirrels, either :cry:


I don’t know but if it works i would like to do this as well with jujubes as i am worried about freeze damage. Does anyone have experience burying jujube under the graft lines?



These are crocus bulbs that I have had for years. I did plant some last year, but probably only about a dozen.



here its voles! i surround mine with short pieces of pipe w/ bait chunks to kill them under the snow in the winter. my cat and dogs kill them in the summer as well as my local foxes.


I planted these new trees in early Jan and they are leafing out now. However, I see yellowing of leaves on many of them. Is it something to be concerned about? I did check and although my nearby Satsuma plum is ravaged by aphids, I didn’t see them in any of these new trees. It has been raining a lot here but I’m not sure if that’s an issue for these new leaves.

Candy Heart Pluerry:

Emerald Beaut Plum:

Emerald Drop Pluot:


They might need some


The advice I read a lot is to not fertilize the first year trees. May be if it’s just nitrogen deficiency, I can do a foliar spray of seaweed or other nitrogen fertilizers.


peeing on them is nitrogen.


Be careful about peeing on a tree esp. young trees. Most advice suggests dilution to avoiding causing burn.

In dry areas, there is a concern about increasing salt to the soil from using urine as fertilizer.


In my experience when cool or cool and damp, new emerging leaves look like yours. They will green up with enough sun. I think they look real good.


Thanks! That happens to my young citrus until the weather warms up. Probably the same thing here


I’m looking for some opinions on root trimming potted pawpaws at transplant.

I planted one today out of a 14" deep pot and the primary root went to the bottom, then almost all the way back up to the top, and then down again so was well over 2’ long. I didn’t want to dig that hole so just cut it to about 12". How big a deal is it to cut these back? Anyone know if it makes a difference or not? The plant had plenty of other root growth besides this primary one.



@Lucky_P may have an


The taproot on a pawpaw is critical. Loose the taproot and expect to loose the tree.


In the spring of 2017, I bought two potted pawpaws and planted them. The trees were small, young ones. The next spring, I moved one of it to another location. I did not know about pawpaw’s deep tap root.

I cut the root off to about a foot and moved the tree. It did not died or showed any sign of suffering. Granted that tree could have been a year or two older than yours when it was moved.


I grew some pawpaws in 20 oz styrofoam cups once. Imprisoned them in them for a couple of years…though roots did exit drain holes I’d pokwd in the bottom, and rooted into the ground beneath. I just chopped them off - and whacked off the circling roots in the bottoms of the cups when I planted them in yheir permanent locations…15 years ago…and they’re still alive.
Also…have done mass planting of pawpaw seeds in 3 gal pots…and whacked off 3-4 inch thick mats of circling taproots off the bottom of the medium a year later…with no adverse effects.
There’s nothing magical about a taproot…on pawpaw, or any other plant.


Thanks - I appreciate your first hand experience. This is along the same line I was thinking.


Any idea what caused this? I found three spots similar to this on young apple tree branches.


Looks like possibly a squirrel.