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@TurkeyCreekTrees thanks. That makes sense.


To mow or not to mow?
I grow Prime Jan thorned blackberries, these are primocane type, producing an early crop on last years’ cane and a late summer crop on the new canes that grow this summer. So here’s the deal… I let the grasses get carried away last summer and tiller into my blackberry rows, they were relentless and I couldn’t keep up. I didn’t have time to clean them up last fall, so now I have a mess this spring. I am considering just mowing them all off right now and only getting the summer crop. The floricanes have just started to leaf out. Will this stress the plants too much if I mow them all off now? I don’t know how much carbohydrate reserves they have in the roots, and how much they depend on the floricane leaves for photosynthesis to produce energy to put up new primocanes. Any thoughts? Thanks!!


they should still be alright might not set a big crop but brambles bounce back quick. after mowing id give them a good feeding.


OK, thanks for the advice! I never really worry too much about them, but they weren’t thriving last year, having to compete with the grass. You know how busy spring gets… I just need to do what’s expedient and try keep on top of things this year. I think I should try some spot application with round up, if I dare get that close.


A rabbit at the top off of a small pear that was grafted last year. It also ate each bud off the sides. Will the tree form new buds or am I hoping for too much. Damn rabbits.


better than that, put about 5in. of wood chips around them. it will smother the weeds and the shoots come right up thru no problem. cuts down on watering also. i add some around mine every spring so i don’t have to weed. the local arborist is a good friend to have. :wink:


I do try to do that every year, but it is hard getting enough wood chips. If I can get more, I will really try pile it on to that 5" depth. 2"-3" does not keep the grass and weeds at bay.
We are waaaay out in the country, very rural, so there are no arborists that work out in this area. I do have my name and number on file with the power company though - hopefully they will be out to do some tree trimming and I can have them deliver some wood chips! Our native tall grasses are very healthy and man can they send the tillers out a good distance from the plant crown. The Indian grass and Big bluestem in particular have been pretty difficult to control. The plethora of annual weeds that germinate from the compost I add are a nuisance but can be pulled up easily enough, if I actually make the effort and do it!


do you have a TSC ? they sell a compact bale of chopped wheat straw for $10. put down some cardboard and mulch with that. might need to lay some sticks and such to keep it from blowing away or put a little wood much just to hold it down. i know how you feel. we are pretty remote here as well.


not fun weeding around brambles!


Thanks for the tip on the wheat straw. That reminds me I was going to check with a neighbor on getting some old old hay from him, if I can’t get enough wood chips this year. It will still have some viable weed seeds in it I am sure. I usually put down cardboard or several layers of newspapers before I mulch - again, if I can get a hold of enough stuff. Thanks!


that would work if you put down the cardboard 1st. work with what you got.


Would you be able to post pic of the tree?


What rootstock looks like cherry, is Japanese plum compatible but not Euro plum compatible.


sand cherry?


no this is a regular multi plum tree sold by a nursery. I reached to the vendor but they didn’t know what they grew it on. Well the person that knew they said they where going to ask and they never got back to me. you know how that goes.


Maybe. There are not many buds on the spurs. How old is the tree.


Looks a little like the tree from this thread.


I sprouted 3 persimmon seeds in moist paper towels just to see if they’d had enough stratifying and then dropped them into some pots when they sent out roots. This one seems to be a twin. The stem is fused for about an inch at the base, but probably just from growing up together. Two embryos in one seed I guess. Any reason to keep this, besides just random interest of course? Please ignore the rest of my community pot inhabitants - potatoes to get eyed up before planting and random fig cttings. I like to make the most of limited space under the lights.


I think I spotted a bud at the very bottom by my fingertip. It is hard to tell if it is still on the scion or rootstock


Looks like its on the scion!