Random grow buddies from WA

Who’s in the one besides @Noddykitty @DeepDiverDave51 hello my froendsssss

Just us so far. Spudgunr is in Canada, but has family over your way.

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Is spud on here?

Have not seen or do not know.

Hello there, glad to see you. We are having a great growing season here. How is the weather near port Townsend? How are your apple sprouts coming along @Pnwgrower?

@DeepDiverDave51 i am loving those hot pokers. My green hummingbirds seem to all ready take a liking to them. Thanks for giving me a couple with flower spikes.

I am sorry those bunnies think your raspberries are for them. You need more dandelions in the grass. It’s their favorite snack in my yard. If they came at my berries I would be learning how to be a snare master. Like one of those people on naked and afraid. Maybe just running around naked would make them afraid. Ha.

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@Freebirdmikes has been on a few times. I still need to send him some apple seeds. Before the whole summer is over.

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Hope you don’t mind I edited the title. :point_up_2:

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I’m in Alaska but considering that WA is the closest state to us would that make it close enough? :smiley:


There are a lot of PNW growers here.

You may be interested in this thread:

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My apple starts got forgotten about :pensive:

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Tag youre it! Wassup fellas! @Noddykitty @DeepDiverDave51


eastern WA, do I still count? I miss the Seattle rain

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I have invited buddies from other forums that I thought would appreciate this site. There’s always room for more friends…

You know I love Spokane @resonanteye. Welcome is my favorite word.


When I run around naked, everybody gets afraid.

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@DeepDiverDave51, thanks again for the hot pokers. The bees seem to love them. They are a great addition. They seem to have settled in.