Rojo Brillante persimmons?

I’ve been looking at the Rojo Brillante and the Giombo Persimmon. I have room for one more persimmon tree but not sure which is for me in my area. I live in Pensacola Florida which means it’s hot and humid and my soil is sandy. I feel in love the astringent variety after buying a bag of persimmons from publics labled honey persimmons and they were amazing. Problem is i don’t know what variety it was. I know it wasn’t hachiya cause i tried them, they were good but no honey persimmon, lol.

Any recommendations as to which tree i should consider?


My favorite Kaki so far is Giombo. But I also like coffee cake and Maru. The latter two require a second tree for pollination.
Both RB and Giombo will do great in your area. RB has a more sweet/cinnamon flavor. Giombo has a lighter maybe citrusy flavor.


Do you know if thier heavy fruiters, fast growing trees?

I have RB and it is a vigorous grower. I grafted Giombo again this year after my graft last year failed. To me it is a must-have – assuming it ripens in my cool climate.
Both fruits I got from a generous member here. My RB hasn’t borne fruit yet. Hopefully this year. I did hear that it takes a long time to lose astringency so it may require a very long season. Not a problem at all in Florida.

Thanks ramv, that would be nice if i could get sion for both. I have a fuyu to graft to. I’ve looked high and low for sion hince the reason I’ve decided to get one tree. Maybe I’ll get lucky and someone will offer some. If not I’ll probably purchase the Giombo from JFE and hopefully it will be true to type.

My RB is leafed out. I’ll know if I haveextra Giombo scionwood in about a month

Thank you sir

Here is website advertising those honey persimmons i ate which were much better than Hachiya. They were soft but claim you can eat them hard. Scroll to bottom of page and you’ll see how they packaged them. Looked exactly like Hachiya in size and shape but far better tasting.

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Interesting, looks like a new variety probably bred from Hachiya…

I was thinking it might be Tipo (Europe) or Triumph (From Israel)

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These look identical to Rojo Brillante. I suspect that Honey Persimmons is just a marketing brand name.


That’s why I’m trying to get giombo and rojo brilliante sion wood. I must have purchased a dozen bags at publics super market eating these thing, so good.

Im thinking it may be rojo brillante cause i read somewhere you can co2 treat to rid astringency thus est them hard also. But all the ones i ate were soft.

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I found this from a different website which mirrors what they say about this so called honey persimmon.

Rojo Brilliante is a persimmon variety with a distinct elongated dome-shape and a wonderfully smooth, bright orange exterior. It can have the astringency removed by carbon dioxide treatment, and is therefore delicious when eaten firm or soft, peel on or peel off. High levels of sweetness and flavour and a thin skin make this a very attractive variety.”

Yes it does look like a re-branding upon further inspection. They were more direct in their re-branding of Fuyu as Simple Simmons™:

I have a Rojo Brilliante tree coming this week so in a few years I will know what it is like. My 20-year persimmon stocks are fading so I added a new Hachiya and Rojo.


RAMV don’t worry about sending me sions, aap sent me some. Thank you sir for the offer.

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Thats awesome. My Giombo fruit came from aap. Some of the best kakis I’ve ever tasted.


Question! What aap means? Thanks

Monkey, they are like humans, like the good stuff. Have another username: luak, another animal, another one persimmonbob.
No new ones, sorry! All tropical animals, that is what I am.


Rojo Brillante is a hard to find! Besides RB which other variety is a must have? Thanks

You will get many different answers to that, everyone has their preferences.

For me personally I would say Chocolate, but some people don’t like the seeds and flavor so much. Next on my list is Hachiya.