Rojo Brillante persimmons?

I personally find hybrids and Americans a bit more interesting than pure kakis. Among Kakis, my favorites are Nishimura Wase, Saijo and Giombo.
Nikita’s gift is a “must have”. Some folks have had a problem with dropping fruit and winter hardiness. But if you are in Zone 7, winter hardiness won’t be a problem.


Thanks Scott & Ramv for your response! I definitely would look on Nikita’s gift and check the other ones too! Do you know who is the best source to find this varieties?

Got a question about setting up an airlayers on persimmons! Have any body done that?


I’ve never done an air layer on persimmon. But i know a guy who did, it took a really long time. Apparently the roots are sloooow. Can’t remember which type. Keep us abreast if you perform one.

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Ha, never heard of air layering a persimmon. I’ll gladly send you some rootstock if you want, no need to try air layering a persimmon. They graft pretty easy. My Rojo brilliante already leafed out but I can send you scion as well next season.

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Just Fruits and Exotics sells Nikita’s Gift as well as several other persimmons. Edible Landscaping also has them.


I bought a box of 6 RBs from a nearby store. They taste soooo good. Non-astringent. Big too, 12oz each. I really really want to grown it. Anyone here has some scions available? This is my top favorite now.

What’s funny is that I thought these were astringent, but they were not. The seller actually put stickers on them saying “READY TO EAT!”. I ate a few when they were hard and no astringency at all.
@aap @ramv I guess you’ve tasted the fruits from your RB tree. Are they astringent or non-astringent?


I’m pretty sure they are astringent. They treat a lot of the RB to remove the astringency for sale. They taste great, but they actually get even tastier to me if I let them get a little soft.


What store?

I see. That explains it. Would RB treated by CO2 still be firm? I used the apple method to treat it again. They will be very soft tomorrow. I will taste the soft one and see the difference.

I bought them from Lotte, a popular Asian grocery store here in VA.

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I’ll ask my wife to look at our Lotte, probably we have them here as well since it is the same chain.

I have a tree but was new last summer and the deer munched it so no spare wood this year… next year ask me if you can’t find wood this year.


Thank you Scott!

I suggest you get a pollination partner for it, pollinated RB has a much richer flavor than unpollinated ones.

Do you notice a change in texture in the dark spots?

Yes. The darker area is different from the surrounding area. It is like the core of the fruit. Sweeter and juicier. But both are tasty.

I have only ever grown pollinated persimmons. I was the oddball out on that years ago, but having pollinators seems more popular these days. Right now I have Maru and Chocolate producing male flowers.


That’s the California, Dave Wilson Maru? My Chocolate produced mostly male flowers, had a couple of female flowers that made fruit. I was surprised that they didn’t have seeds. My “not Izu” about 12 feet away only had a few seeds in some of the fruit. My Coffeecake is further away. I decided I’ll graft chocolate to my coffeecake to make sure the male flowers are nearby.

But I just got a stick of Maru from Fruitwood Nursery, so maybe I’ll put that instead, or also. They distinguish between “California Maru” and “Zenji Maru” and say they both benefit from pollen from Chocolate.

I had several different Marus but they didn’t seem all that different so now I only have Wye Maru. It is the one that I obtained from the old Wye plantation planting where they called it either “Maru” or “Zenji Maru”. It might be the same as the Zenji Maru that Fruitwood has. I only keep a small bit of it for pollination now, the fruits are tasty but are small and have lots of big seeds.

I am surprised your Chocolates didn’t have seeds, mine always did even before I had Maru or any other with male flowers. So I am pretty sure it is self-pollinating.

A picture is worth a thousand words

It is the harvest of Rojo Brillante persimmon from a single tree



Jose, you can grow Spanish persimmon in Arkansas,USA. to.Lots of them. I also grow the largest mandarin in the world? Haven’t been contested. Bigger than a pomelo? You be the judge.


Yeahhhhhh, .aap.
This is what I like to see “good harvests”, I congratulate you my friend.
Do you know the variety of that mandarin, and its taste quality? .
My climatic conditions are excellent for growing persimmons and I have a lot of really wonderful varieties (the new varieties are young trees that will go into production this year).
However, due to the very cold winters in my region, I prefer not to battle with citrus fruits, since I would have to cover them in winter with anti-frost mesh and I’m a bit lazy in that sense hahahahahaha.
Many of my friends in the Valencian region grow many varieties.
Because of my work, I have friendship with many professional companies in the citrus sector, and access to cuttings for grafting the best and newest varieties (I share them with my friends).
Currently this variety is the best mandarin in the world.

It is a “gourmet” variety

  • Mandarina Orri (Israeli Origin of the Volcani Institute)

If you were closer to me, you would have this mandarin and other gourmet varieties such as Tango, Spring Sunshine, Marisol, Arrufatina, Hernandina, Oronules, Clausellina, Safor, Garbi, Fortune, Ortanique, Nova , Afourer Nardocot, etc … for name a few, in your orchard.

I congratulate you again on that fantastic harvest