Rooting Mulberry cutting

I was wondering what time of year or what is the best temperature to root Mulberry cuttings. I have had limited success

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Welcome to the forum! If you search for your questions in the search bar, you’ll likely come up with some ideas for things like this. Good luck!

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In general Spring is the best time for most varieties before bud break

I have lights indoors to start peppers and tomatoes and whatever other veggies I decide to grow. So sometimes I start rooting cuttings indoors, but I prefer to do it in early spring.

I use DE the size of perlite to root in and cover with a Japanese tape called “Buddy Tape” Hard to find, it’s just like parafilm, but better IMHO. What this does is provide a consistent humidity on the exposed bark surface. Don’t use on part under the rooting material or soil. This avoids using humidity domes.
Some Mulberry, the hardy types, are hard to root. Others are easy.
This method will not work for cuttings that require misting like blueberries.
Right now I’m rooting figs with the method described above.


I started rooting my fig cuttings 2/13 and a few days later got some Gerardi Mulberry cuttings in… (for grafting onto a variety that I want to change)… and got several of those so decided to try to root some too.

I have them in my fig cutting container, in 4x9 tree pots, same medium I am rooting my figs in. Pro Mix Hp.

They have a heat mat under them, and thermostat set on 78 degrees… and the temp bounces around between 74-78 degrees. I figure if it works for Figs… it should work for mulberries too.

Planning to give them root time (around 4 weeks) with no sun exposure, then move to a sunny window to encourage budding, shoots, leaves.

Roots before shoots, hopefully !!!

Top 6 figs… bottom 3 gerardi mulberry.

I prepped my mulberry cuttings same as this guy did, and used a little rooting hormone on them, cut the bottom just below a node, scraped the bark some to reveal cambium layer, dipped in rooting hormone, and poked in in the pot, settled the medium good around them. I have 3-4 buds under, 2 up top.

Hope it works… The guy in the vid just put his in a greenhouse and let them be… and had good success. He put several cuttings in one pot… and looks like all or most took. I put one per pot myself.

I have seen no significant change in the buds on my fig or mulberry cuttings, while in this dark location… which I think is good. I want them to be growing roots first.

Good Luck !