Rubinette picked today


Superb flavor.


I think I picked a Rubinette last night in the dark when I was trying to find something ripe on a multigrafted tree. After trying some other varieties which were definitely not ready, I had one that was quite good. In the dark it looked like the name was Rubinette, from the options it could be on that tree.

It didn’t have the gold/russetting like yours.

In previous tastes tests from the trees, of 12 or 15 varieties, it was our favorite.


Great apple!


The birds got after our Rubinette this year. The only apple they hit harder was Pixie Crunch…they are red and sweet.

The few I ate were good, but I also really enjoyed Holstein and recall it having a similar sweet tart balance.


I didnt think we could grow that one here. Just when i thought i was done adding new varieties…


Rubinette has a good taste but the tree hasn’t consistently fruited for me. I think I am probably out of it’s comfort zone.


My Rubinette (and co.) picked today. A bit too early but still tasted really nice.


Excited about Rubinette down here in Richmond, VA. It is the first year my tree bore fruit. I’ll be grafting more. Like 40 apples after thinning, which was a little too much the first year. They stood up to the heat and humidity and now I’m enjoying some fantastic, juicy, rich flavored apples. One of my favorites so far.


I am surprised that yours did not colored up like @Auburn considering your area is hot and way sunnier than mine.

Mine which was not fully ripe had more color than the one you picked. Was it for the first taste?


I grafted Rubinette (this is a red mutation, Rubinette Rosso) about 4 years ago based on the praise here. It bloomed for the 1st time this year, very late almost month after my other apples. I got 4 apples on the tree and they are coloring up now. Looking forward to it very much.


That bad boy is probably ready to pick and eat.


They are ripe, have great texture, and taste great! It has been a bit confusing because some pictures of them are red and some are like the one I took a picture of above. I left some on the tree to let them get more red to see if they even taste better.


It’s still green around the calyx so I think it needs some more time but will check this one out today. Thanks


I’m surprised you still have fruit on the tree this late but I guess it’s because of late blooming you mentioned. Mine bloomed with other apples. It will be interesting to compare blooming time next year since we are in the same USDA zone.
Your fruit looks amazing, mine have some hail dents.


Would it be possible to get scion wood? I could send you something in exchange. :slight_smile:


Is yours the Russo sport?


I think it may be the location. I think it gets 6-8 hours of sun a day depending on the position of the sun during Spring and Summer.


Check the seeds, they are a good indicator. As long as the seeds are dark brown, they are ripe.

I ate a not quite ripe Rubinette 2 weeks ago. It still tasted better than many apples I have eaten. The seeds were only light brown. Even though the fruit came off easily, it was still not a fully ripened apple.


Primoz, I was grafting 4 varieties into it on the main branches so that could have slowed it down, all others were finishing bloom when this one started. Actually t was so late I was worried it won’t get pollinated :slight_smile:
I tasted it today, it was still more on the sour side but the taste was great, wife liked it a lot as well. I will leave the rest hanging for another week or two.


This could be the reason for late blooming but we’ll know for sure next year. :wink: