Seckel Pear

I have had this pear from a store before but nothing compares to one from your back yard. This is my first pear of this variety so I was excited to try it out. There are four more on the tree that’s larger than the estimated anticipated size (1.5"). Hope they just get bigger when properly thinned. Other than being larger all other characteristic seem to match Seckel. If you like a sweet low grit pear Seckel is a good one. It is early for this pear to ripen but it appeared to be ready to fall. The others are about 3" and growing.





I ate some Seckel pears from store and was impressed so I planted a Seckel pear tree last year but have no fruit yet. How sweet is it?

The seeds seem to be a bit tender. Maybe it could use another week to ripe on tree? So ripe time for your zone 7 is August, my zone 5 probably a month later then…

I hope to see some Seckel next year!


Looks like Seckel. Here they are usually ripe the last of Aug/early sept. One thing i’ve noticed is that once you get some years on your tree, they are amazing producers. My tree is loaded once again. I’m going to have to figure something out. I actually had a large branch break off because of too much weight on it. I really should have thinned it some.


The seed don’t look as dark as they should be. The stem looked damaged so I went ahead and picked it. Hope the others stay attached until the normal ripening time.

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I don’t have a brix tester but it was already very sweet.

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Oh man! I’ve already imagined my own tree-ripen Seckels next year!


Mine is finally bearing

It had a few fruit like 3 years ago when it was 7th leaf, this is the 2nd time for it - the squirrels were into it, so I netted it up

Really hoping I get the timing right on ripeness


I’m pretty sure Seckel can be tree-ripened without rotting from the middle like most European pears. So if you have a good crop, I think you can judge when to pick them by tasting them :slight_smile:


It’s a very good pear I have a fruiting one at my cabin. I hope it’s not getting the pressure my pears at home are. I had several hundred Asian disappear last week left me none. Last year the bears hit my pears at cabin, At least the squirrels don’t do tree damage like bears


What rootstock your Seckel is on? Generally speaking, E. pears take longer time to bear fruit than A. pear. The exception is Harrow Sweet which can bear fruit in its 2nd year.from bare root planting.



I bought it bare root from Burnridge Nursery. I think there’s a tag of what root it is from but I have no access to it now. This year, I grafted Moonglow, Keiffer, Ayer and an unknown (probably Red Barlett) besides Seckel onto it. Observing from this year’s growth, I think the Seckel branches will give me some pears next year…

How many years that yours take to give its fruits?


I grafted a long scion onto a tree that had already fruited with other varieties which I think pushed the seckel to fruit early.

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I don’t have Seckel but I grafted it on this year. I have Blake’s Pride that is 4 yrs old. It has had not a single flower. I don’t know if it will flower next year. My HS flowered in year two and every year since.

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Have you taste the HS yet? And how is it compare to other Asian pears?

I think your correct. Publications almost always say to pick and ripen inside. I have about decide that this is backwark and most pears can be ripened on the tree. My thinking is that you must pick as they start to ripen not afterward.

Harrow Sweet is an E pear so it’ does not taste like A pear. I only have HS as the Euro pear ripened from my trees. Other E. pears I’ve eaten are store bought.

I really like Harrow Sweet. You can eat it ripe from the tree or leave it on the counter for a few days. Sweet, smooth. I am not very good at describing the taste but the tree is a good package deal: easy to grow, early fruiting and taste really good. What not to like!!! :smile:


Already sounds good to me! :yum:

This is just one section of my tree…last year it was loaded too. I think its 10 years old now. The rabbits eat all the drops on the ground.


I realized, shortly after I posted, that my poor grammar made my statement unclear.

I should have said, “unlike most European pears, I’m pretty sure Seckel can be tree-ripened without rotting from the middle”


Nice to see Seckel performing up to its reputation! I have some grafted but not producing yet. I’m not sure their average brix but I’ve heard they can hit some high numbers. I grafted it’s sister Worden this year and am going to try and make it work for me.