Giant seckle

Who knows this variety? Found partial information cached “An old American prized aromatic dessert pear. The skin is a striking dark maroon, dusted with pale lenticels, and the small pointed leaves are frequently” from a website since removed

You might ask why I care and it’s because its the cross between Giant Seckel and Comice that led to Warren and Magness pears. Would really like to continue to that experiment. In addition I located an old picture to give us an idea of the pear. It makes me question is it just seckle? There are many variations of seckel such as Worden so I doubt it very much.


The variations are as mysterious as vague mentions of odd things like seckle stigmonose

Variations it’s doubtful anyone has heard of might include the gansel seckle shown below
This is the Worden seckle

These pears below are the original seckle. Can’t help but notice the variations.
images.jpeg-3 images.jpeg-2 images.jpeg-1

Here is the information we have all put together about seckel from growing it Seckel Pear