Sete capotes (Campomanesia guazumifolia)

As far as I know, @Luisport is the only forum member currently fruiting this species, but I think there were a few members other than me that recently decided to give it a try, so I figured it might as well get its own thread. Here’s Luis’s description (with photos of tree and fruit):

The Wikipedia article is a little barebones, could use a few edits if anyone is so inclined:

I got five seeds from Marcos, from here:

Somewhat regretting only getting five, but hopefully I’ll get at least one or two to grow. I’m giving them a soak before sowing:

This thread on TFF makes it sound like germination of this species is for the patient, sometimes taking more than a year and often at low rates:


My seeds from Marco’s arrive tomorrow, but I got a small seedling from Bellamy trees I put in the ground today. Just as an insurance to if the seeds don’t germinate

Put a tomato cage upside down around plantings to keep the chickens away


Oh shoot. I might dig up my freshly sown seed and give 'em a soak too. I didn’t know about the germination time.

I’m sorely tempted to do the same.


It was there for $15 last week, not sure if still

So what is the general consensus to soak or not to soak?

I could leave mine be, and then see if mine or swincher’s germinate first. They are from the same source. Mine are on bottom heat, which I’m hoping means I’ll still beat swincher haha

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My general policy is to always soak overnight any seeds I receive dried, pretty much without exception other than very tiny seeds where it’s not feasible. They sank after a few hours, so that was the sign I was looking for.


I’ll do the same then, mine should be delivered today. I rarely do anything with seeds except put em in dirt. Unless they need cold stratification then I’ll do that

I missed this part! Mine are on intermittent bottom heat as well. By which I mean on top my microwave, above the light bulb, so intermittent because other members of the household sometimes close the microwave door, so the heat is off until I notice and crack open the door again. This is my favorite place to germinate anything that I don’t think would be happy in the still-pretty-cold-at-night greenhouse. After a few weeks there, they’ll go in soil on a heating pad in the greenhouse whether there’s any sign of life yet or not.


4/5 seeds sank, not too bad. Gonna pot these guys up and in about a year I’ll report back on their germination apparently haha


Inch by inch it’s growing under a shade cloth. Really hope it sizes up some before winter