Shiranui/Dekopon aka Sumo Mandarin


I look forward to these very expensive citrus every year at stores.
If you haven’t tasted them, please do so at the next opportunity. They are easily the best citrus I’ve ever eaten, possibly even the best fruit.

They are usually seedless but occasionally a fruit may have a seed or two. They are supposed to grow true from seed.
I planted a few seeds and they germinated nicely.


This is a really nice fruit indeed, probably one of the best. Are scions/grafted plants unobtainable? I’d imagine it would take a few years before those seedlings fruit. Congrats on succesfully germinating the seed. I’ve yet to find seeds in the dozens I’ve eaten this year.


Scionwood is definitely obtainable. I just like the idea of growing from seed and having no potential virus issues.
I was fortunate to find maybe a dozen seeds this year. But I ate maybe > 100 fruits.


I got to taste Kiyomi Tangor this year (one of the parents of Dekopon) and I was pretty floored. The texture/juiciness is just phenomenal to my tastebuds. Fingers crossed for your seeds!


I just grafted Sumo on my orange tree. My friend said it can even grow fruits for first year. I hope I can get one orange this year.


I was able to get a couple started this year too.They are very good flavored,but right now,my favorite is Gold


Harris citrus has dekopon available. Nice tree for about $33 whipped. I bought one a few years ago.


Which subcategory did you find it in? I’m not seeing it!



I got scion wood for shiranui/dekopan/sumo 2 years ago. I topworked an existing in ground tree to it and to my surprise I got around 3 dozen fruit this year. Quality and size was nearly the same as grocery store fruit. 4 fruit weighed almost 4 lbs total. Here in Texas the citrus bud wood bureau is charging a $150 fee plus $35 shipping in addition to $3 a bud for out of state budwood. This wood came from Florida. So the wood cost $250! Happily I shared the expense with several others. Now the bud wood bureau is raising and selling it in state.

Several years earlier I grew out seedlings of sugar belle. I can’t get budwood for it in Texas. I gave seedlings to several friends and now 5+ years later the trees are blooming! I collected bud wood for sugar belle and just topworked a tree a few days ago from the bearing wood.

I live near Houston. After a few years of growing out a sumo seedling I stopped when I learned bud wood was available. Seedling trees can have thorns of 4 inches or so and may take 5+ years to start bearing fruit. However one of the guys I gave a seedling tree is still growing it out and now has flowers this year. However for you cold weather guys growing out a citrus seedling in a pot may never give fruit as the tree has to grow to a large size to start blooming. Picture of thorns is from my seedling sugar belle tree. When the tree gets big enough to bloom, 8+ feet or taller the thorns disappear on the top branches.


It’s under mandarin but I think they are out of stock. You could email Ruth and ask her when it will be back. They have had it consistently for years now so I imagine they will have more


So…does someone had fruit from their dekopon this year?


My dekopon seedling…


A seedling with flower bud on


A box of 8 Sumos for almost $15 at Wegman’s is very expensive indeed. I’ve not bought them yet.


Wow, that is a very good price. They are more expensive than that here.
Very well worth the price for me. They are absolutely the best citrus I’ve ever tasted.

I started many trees from budwood this year. Looks like all/most of the grafts took.


Sign me up for the waitlist :slight_smile:

Whole foods in my area carry them, I think $3.49 lb


Amazing! How old please?


I know,right?Young to be flowering and started about a year


I grow 2 tree’s that has produce a couple of dozens, already been picked in December.


beautiful! do you have a photo of it cut? how is the seed to flesh ratio? how hardy is it?