Shiranui/Dekopon aka Sumo Mandarin


You can get it at Whole foods. Its expensive but well worth it. I think half my monthly food budget during the months of Jan/Feb goes towards Sumo Mandarin (aka Shiranui/Dekopon)

As far as Mandarins go, it is quite hardy. But impossible to grow outdoors in Seattle without protection. All citrus should be considered only hardy to 32F.


This variety is always top rated, plenty taste, plenty fluids, no seeds, maybe one. It is a required selection for anybody in citrus.


thank you so much for your replies! i will try to find it at local market i sure do love seedless juicy citrus! and the size is quite nice compared to my tiny mandarin.


SG, you might want to try the Gold series, Yosemite, Tahoe and Shasta. These are very large mandarins. These are tops also.


i wish my greenhouse was a little bigger! i would try to grow all of these! they look so tasty! ill have to do some research so i can limit myself.


There is no such thing a too big a greenhouse!! Too big?? You better have access to some stash cash, than you have to worry about filling this thing and having some return…down the road.
Have another option, cheap home with a big, big lot. You can always add on later, an sunroom/ Greenroom. Use your existing heat/air.
My setup is different, I converted my defunct Stainglass/ woodworking workshop into a green room with 10 ceiling. Good enough for a lot of tree’s. 10 led shoplights( electricity about $ 1. OO a month). 29 x 14’ .


my greenhouse is a used small one i got from local craiglist. I would need to move to a new house with a larger backyard and even more money to buy a bigger used greenhouse. i see my only realistic option is to narrow down some other greenhouse plants to get room for any desired greenhouse plants like more mandarins!


For those of us in the cold north, aren’t we better off just buying the fruit instead of growing the trees in pots and, after a lot of work and some $$ for electric bills, getting only a fewer than a dozen fruit?


Here are some Dekopon I found today grown in California. It seems to have arrived earlier than previous years.