Show Off Your Figs and "This year Harvest"


10-12-2019 Figo Preto, Black Madeira, Verdal Longue, Large Green Madeira.



Last few of the season here.


White Madeira #1 is really tasty fig. Thanks Steven for swapping.



Wow! This looks perfectly ripened, Tony! Amazing for this late in the season when the weather gets cooler. Is the flavor similar to Black Madeira?


It is Jammies, better than Battaglia Green and the rest of the Adriatic type of figs. Right there with the Black Madeira. Btw, Soccoro Black is a excellent fig with all these top tiers.


Black Madeira


Good Lord those are huge and look great! Thanks for sharing


Great Pics everyone and what an awesome varieties you guys have, hope some day I can chive in! Thanks for sharing


its interesting that one of the smallest (dwarf) trees produces the biggest figs, at least among the ones I’ve seen!


Picked these today. Can not believe I am still harvesting figs ! :sunglasses:

Sweet Joy 10-24-2019

U. Prosciutto 10-24-2019


My last Strawberry Verte of the season…



Black Madeira KK left and Figo Preto right harvested today 10-29-2019 :sunglasses:


Longue d’Aout ( LDA ) 10-29-2019

GM 172 (Gozo Girl) 10-29-2019


Carini 10-29-2019

Genovese Nero AF 11-01-2019

Can use use few more days but picked due to hard frost was coming.


Left to right: Littman’s, Den Amoros, Bordissot Negra Rimada, Socorro Green


These harvested today 11-11-2019 :sunglasses:

Black Tuscan 11-11-2019

Black Maderia KK 11-11-2019


Your figs look amazing. Love seeing your varieties. Thank you for sharing. I hope to one day have my own to show


All these beautiful pictures have me itching to take on more projects! I’m constantly amazed by the diversity.

@SMC_zone6 Are you growing any in ground, or is everything in pots or otherwise protected?


I do a mix of pots and in ground. I tend to get a fair amount of vole damage on my in ground figs, so that’s making me reconsider how many varieties I can have and how I can grow them.