Show Off Your Figs and "This year Harvest"


I always remove the stems whenever I make jam, I have never heard of leaving them on before.


That’s good to know. It remains to be seen how voles are here in town, but good to consider. What would you say your top varieties are for this far north, beyond Chicago Hardy? Or is CH my best bet?


CH is good. Sal’s Gene, LSU Tiger, and Dark Portuguese have all fruited after dying back to the roots.


Thank you! Good info to work with.


This is not a new harvest but want to share something I learned recently. Figs shown were harvested some time in November 2019 and stayed in refrigerator for about three months. I wish I have a picture when I put these in refrigerator. These taste great, no spoilage gummy, chewy texture and I loved these. I do not think that every fig will make it to that far but if you pick figs just at right time not too ripe it may work. .


Do you grow Florea in a pot or in the ground? I have heard it can survive in the ground in zone 6 so I am going to try it this coming year.


It looks like the Tam Kam has done well in a pot-I was thinking about trying that with an asian variety persimmon, now I am more encouraged to do it!


Just about any fig can survive in the ground, but the thing is they are likely to die back each winter. Florea is probably the most productive after dying to the ground though.


Great thread with lots of beautiful pics! It has taken me a while to go through the whole thread but it was worth it :+1:

This has put me in the mood to grow figs for sure! I have a Chicago Hardy fig now and it is in a pot. I am wondering what size pot do some of you recommend to use for figs? I would love to add more varieties. I am in Zone 6b but on the edge of 7a. What would be some good varieties for me to try? I am willing to overwinter them in my unheated garage as well…? Thanks in advance for any and all advice :blush:


I would suggest Adriatic JH and I-258, both are excellent and different enough from CH. I’d start with 5 gal pots, and up-pot them by 5 extra gal every year, I would stop up-potting when I feel they are becoming to cumbersome to move in and out of my garage (perhaps at 15 or 20 gal).


I would suggest Ronde de Bordeaux for early ripening or Nero 600M for breba and an extended season.

@Ahmad great suggestions! Dalmatie is a good alternative to Adriatic JH and forms larger fruit, but I have both since they taste equally excellent in my opinion.


Thanks for those replies :+1: Where would the best place be to find any of the above mentioned varieties?


I can send cuttings to you at the end of this growing season. Send me a PM in November. You may be able to get them earlier from other forum members. There are also a few online sites where you can purchase fig cuttings/plants from, but I am not very familiar with them.


Very nice of you for the offer @Ahmad :+1: I may just take you up on it! I will try and remember to send a PM in Novemeber and see what you have and we can work on the details :+1:

Thanks again!


And apparently I need to find some bigger pots in the meantime as well! :laughing:


This forum is a great resource for scions. Just stick around and you’ll find what you need! I will likely have cuttings at the end of the next growing season too. A lot of people trim figs in fall and winter to root cuttings before the growing season starts. You might not find as many available at this time.


Yes, this forum is great and I agree it is a great place to get scions! I just hope I am able to pay the kindness forward and share when I get some different varieties of fruit myself :+1: I may PM you in the Fall as well if it isn’t to much trouble! @PharmerDrewee


I have my Florea in 5 gallons pot. I believe it will do fine in ground though.


Any last minute fig cuttings available? Did not realize how many fig lovers there were out there. Looking for a more hardy variety but not sure which variety that would be. If not, could you suggest a good supplier at a reasonable price? Just discovering the world of figs. Thank you!! BTW, anyone else constantly correcting phone posts besides me?? Unclear if my eyes are really that bad or my typing aim is really that misguided


I don’t have any cuttings left but I usually have some earlier in the winter if you ever want to trade. You should look into the group, (lots of members are here too) all fig lovers and very generous with trading and give always. Also