Show Off Your Figs and "This year Harvest"


Can you cut some Arkansas Black scion to trade? I’ve got some fig cuttings stored, but if this is your first time rooting cuttings it might be better for you to wait a month or so until I unpack my container trees. Fresh cuttings from trees that are about to wake up root a little better and chances of success are higher in the spring.

Do you want to plant them in the ground or keep them in containers? Figs are a little more complex than people selling them might lead you to believe.


I will create a post in coming days to offer free cold hardy cuttings for postage. Please keep an eye on it. I will also include a link in this post too.


If I may get in in this, can I as well?

Also I bought an Olympian fig today. That is 2 for me now :grinning:


I will send you an alert after posting.


Any one who asked for figs cutting please follow the link below!


Some fruit from an overwintered Black Tuscan air layer I took last fall.


Look delish. How did it taste?


Not great. This is usually an excellent fig. But it didn’t ripen so well under the artificial lights.


Your figs look Devine. I see they are potted. I assume that they aren’t appropriate fir the climate in ellicott city if planted outdoors?


Yes most of my figs are in pots due to our weather.


Naeem, do you grow Marseilles Black fig?


Yes I am growing Marseilles Black fig.


Is the Galicia black potted or grown in outside garden?


Galicia Negra is not that hardy and I am growing in pot.
I am growing these in ground
Carini , RDB, Salem Dark and Hardy Chicago

While all others over 100 varieties in pots.


Today 06-14-2020 : This is just a preview of my figs and I am expecting very good harvest . I can see lots of tiny figs forming which will ripe in about three months. Post your plants pictures if you can.


My fig corner cannot compare to yours. Here are some of my oldest potted trees, 6-7 years old. I rooted these in my apartment when I was still in school to keep me preoccupied during the winter.

My younger trees are scattered throughout the yard and my experimental varieties/fig quarantine camp area looks much more cluttered.


Nice shape mature figs and sure taste much better then the younger one. My oldest is four year old since I went all in end of 2016.


I put a lot of my oldest ones in the ground too. Many ended up making bigger fruit and being more productive. The more delicate and later ripening ones have to stay in their pots. Your 4 year old trees will definitely make great quality figs at that age!


We are very far away from any sort of fig harvest but my trees are feeling extra prolific. Many twin figs were observed today.


It’s about time to start drying some figs. I’ve been harvesting main crop since mid May. They are piling up faster than I can eat them.

This is maybe 20 different varieties.