Show Off Your Figs and "This year Harvest"


Here’s some pretty figs. And very tasty. This is Exquisito, a California seedling, ie found in the wild.


Those are very attractive figs. I like the skin cracking. Do you have a picture of what they look like cut open? Also is that a Col de Dame I see among your main crop figs? Just amazing!


Very nice. How would compare this variety to the group of BM, CC or I258? Similar in flavor?


You’re putting us all to shame, Steve.


The pear shaped green fig in the lower right is CdD Blanc. The CdDs are nice figs but in general aren’t my favorites. I prefer something a little juicier.

Thermalito is another CA seedling. Another top notch fig.


Exquisito has a unique taste. My friend says berry but it’s not like the berry in BM or I-258. At times I’ve tasted banana custard and maybe cinammon. My friend also called it my best fig ever but I won’t go that far. Although the ones picture are superb.


Wow! That’s a lot pots to take in for the winter! How did you survive the “moving”?


Steve, how come you’re getting main crop at this time of the year. Even in warm climates main crop is still a couple weeks far. I’m guessing Exquisito could be an early one, but CdDB?


I pushed my greenhouse to the limit this yr. Chill cycle was mid Oct to mid Dec. Since then it’s been 50s and low 60s at night and 80s-90s by day most days. The earliest to start main crop were Maltese Beauty, Smith, and Socorro Black about 5 wks ago. About two wks later things like Black Madeira started. Exquisito was in that second tier along with RLBV which I thought was pretty early. CdD Grise and Blanc were another two wks getting started. CdD Noir and Rimada are not yet producing.


Lots of pulling with the dolly. Lol.


Container figs are doing good, plenty for us. Harvest? Not yet!


07-06-2020 Figs are looking great this year and I am expecting very good harvest. Let us see your figs if they have figs and there size.


Looks like a great harvest in September! Great looking figs.


Here are some of my great tasting figs. September can’t come soon enough :blush:


Unknown Teramo

Cravens Craving

Ischia Black UCD

Soccoro Black

LSU Tiger

Figo Preto

Golden Rainbow aka Ben’s Golden Riverside

B. Gris

Moscatel Preto

Pane Vino Dark

Black Madeira


Olympian fig breba, about the size of a large palm. Tasted watery and bland. Slightly riper ones spoiled, so had to pluck it before it started shriveling.


It look like that you will get some ripe figs earlier then September.


With this heat wave figs are loving and getting to good size.


@Naeem, have you said what you do with your potted figs in the winter? Do you store them inside somewhere? Do you keep any in ground over the winter that do well for you?


My only fig tree… Strawberry Verte


All of my potted Figs stored in a shed and my garage.

I have four in ground figs second and third year which were cut one feet to 18" and covered halfway with wood chips. All came out ok and have good figs sets on them.