Show Off Your Figs and "This year Harvest"


Sweet Joy 09-27-19 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland.



Smith 09-25-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland.


Strawberry Verte… very nice flavor, close to Adriatic JH but less sharp.


I’m afraid somebody else is harvesting my Hardy Chicago before I can ripen them…fruit flies?


Those look like house flies to me, and that fig looks tree ripe, the cracks in the skin mean it is very close at least, they don’t always crack though… If you want them jammy you can pick at that stage (when no sap leaks from the stem) and finish ripening for couple days on the counter, or about a week in the fridge. Set them eye up, often syrup will develop and leak out all over the place.

The damage isn’t from them though, you can see they don’t have jaws, probably yellowjackets made the divots.


Mel do Algarve 10-01-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland.


What did you think of the Siblawi?


It’s good. Very sweet with a little bit of maple, although not that one in the photo, that one was a bit underripe but picked early because we were getting rain. I think my favorite “honey fig” is D’en Manel though. That fig has a deeper flavor than any other honey fig I’ve tasted.


Col de Dame Grise, my latest fig. What a pleasure these are to eat.


Black Madeira and I-258. About ready to pick.


CdD G is real jammy and excellent in flavor. My plant is very small produced few figs and I like a lot.
Are you growing these in a Greenhouse or outside ?


Your figs are always very well balanced looking and well taken care of “well done”. Someday I will have a greenhouse right now its a fight with HOA and allowing for only 8’x8’ but I need 20’x20’.


@Naeem I just grow it in a pot. They are all brought into my garage in the winter and brought back out in March or April while still dormant, depending on the weather.


Beautiful pics of your figs! Nice to see Impellizzeri doing well. How was the taste?


Only few left for the year, the more you let it hang on tree more these will get better.

Figo Preto, Sweet Joy, MBVS, Italian Ever bearing, Italian Black . 10-02-2019


This will be the last significant harvest of the season for now onward may be a fig or two here and there. It was the best fig season for my short 3 year growing figs.

10-06-2019 little bit of everything too many to list individually :joy:


Figs of October
Den Amoros might be the most beautiful fig I grew this season. That chartreuse type of green is tough to beat. Sal’s Gene is notable for being an in-ground tree that’s able to fruit in my short season after dying back to the ground. And it does that during the rainy part of the year, which is fairly impressive too.


@SMC_zone6 Steven, you seem to have done a great job growing your figs… What are your top five?


Thanks Ahmad. That’s such a difficult question to answer, especially since I live in an area where the weather fluctuates so much that the same type of fig from the same tree can taste substantially different from one day to the next. But off the top of my head, I’d say these ones were very good this year: Hassan, Den Amoros, 5 Terre A, Bass’ Favorite, Sangue Dolce.