Show Off Your Figs and "This year Harvest"

They were good but main is a little better. I waited for the last possible day to pick it. Breba are bigger so that made them worth it.

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LSU Hollier is an amazing fig. Already pumping out figs and they are great.

I have some recent fig grafts on older trees that aren’t growing much at all. Can I speed this up by fertilizing and watering? I’m gradually removing competing branches to throw more energy into the grafts but want some nurse branches to draw sap.

My CH Fig is looking good this year… shoots getting tall and thick. That tallest one is near 7 ft now. Many of those will get 9 10 11 ft tall by season end.


Sure you can , you want graft to grow well .

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Figs Figs everywhere…


what you feeding these?! they look great

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Each spring when I take it out of winter protection… i rake back the mulch layer and add half a wheelbarrow of compost…then rake the mulch back on.

That plus a few handfulls of planttone organic fertilizer.

It is a strong grower. Some of those shoots will reach 10 11 ft by October. I will be harvesting with a step ladder by then.

It is not uncommon for us to get 400+/- figs from it in a season.

It is a Chicago Hardy.



This is an update of my four inground no protection figs. From right to left Malta Black , Carini , Salem Dark and Hardy Chicago . There are thousand plus figs sets this year and decent amount of Breba crop. Breba crop should be ready by the end of this month. Almost every branch is loaded , here are some close ups of the branches .


I was totally wrong about breba crop because yesterday I was looking and picked these and lot more :smile:. Salem Dark and Hardy Chicago Breba.


First Breba ever! LSU Hollier. Watery but mildly sweet and refreshing.