Stacey Pear fruit

I have a beautiful healthy moderate sized 14 year old Stacey pear that has given me a few small fruit since age six. The last two years a bumper harvest of 22 to 36! That’s individuals, not pounds. The fruit have all been small more or less “pear” shaped. This year had just a handful of blossoms and at some point I noticed 2 “usual shaped” small pears. I picked them too early the end of Aug. but appreciated the little fruits nonetheless. Then a few weeks later I saw one more, but this one was larger and to my surprise - round. Picked it Sept. 9. A very nice 2 x 2 1/4". I looked online at the few photos I could fine. A few showed the pear shape and a few round (including Fedco which is where I’d purchased the tree).

So I’m wondering, those who have Stacey Pear, what is your fruit like? I’m hoping my tree decides to continue with the larger (relatively speaking) round fruit, and soon a larger harvest. Sue



That round pear looks exactly like the Tenns AKA Tennessee Pear.