Strange weather this year 2021

It’s November 21st 2021 and we still have fruit on the trees. Autumn berries and pears this time of year are really nice but it is very strange weather. Anyone else had weird weather this year? Nearly every year has been really unusual for about the last 5 years now. Winter hung around a long time this spring. Is it possible our seasons shifted a month? Could May be April now and November be October? Anyone else having strange weather that’s keeping you guessing on what to do and when? Actually started this thread about 5 years ago and I’m still observant of the changes Strange weather - Will it get our blooms and fruit?

Other than a 5th consecutive year of above average rainfall over the long term, it’s been a good year for growing things here. Having been growing things for six decades, there’s not much I’ve not seen before. Many of the years since the late 1950’s have been more challenging than the last half dozen.

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i was still getting raspberries up until last week. very mild fall. 2020 was our 2nd worst drought and this summer was 4th. last 2 winters were very mild. weather seems to go from one extreme to the next quickly. even the forest trees got damage last fall when we went from extreme drought to 5in. of rain falling in 3 weeks. they didnt know if they should go dormant or start to grow again. definitly going to be challenging to reliably grow anything if this continues.

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Last year we had a extremely early frost going from 90 to snowing in less than 12 hours on something like September 3rd. This year it is almost December and we have still not had a true frost. We had a cold wet spring though. It is also getting cold enough that our plants are still going dormant. We still are having to water though because of no snow or rain.

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Same here, first frost (Zone 5a) was a month late on November 5th. We had an unusually dry spring, then it started raining and raining. I’m going to have to start growing tomatoes under cover and dig some more ditches if this keeps up next year. The midwest always seems to have weird weather. What’s the saying? “If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes”