Sun requirements for Mulberries in MA

What is the minimum number of sun hours for mulberries? I have a spot in the yard occupied by stupid Norway maple trio. They getting probably 5 hours of sun starting noon. Can they be replaced by couple of mulberries? I do not expect mulberries doing their best with fruiting, but I would probably go with another choice if they wouldn’t fruit at all.

I just posted a video of my Gerardi mulberry which probably gets 6 hours of sun a day and is also shaded on the south side by a big elderberry. It is still very productive, but Gerardi is known for producing a lot of fruit so I don’t know about the other varieties. I expect I’d get even more in full sun, but half day seems to be working.

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They will produce great with 5 hours of sunlight. But will be much sweeter with more light/heat.


What’s the aspect of the location in question, @galinas ?

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It is south -west facing, deep woods on the east.

That should help, I’d think.

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