Temperate Orchard Conservancy

Does anyone know if TOC is going to start accepting scion orders on Dec 1st like they did last year? I know the fires this summer got pretty close to them and I think they had to at least partially evacuate, so I don’t know if they are back to operating as normal.


FYI, TOC has their new scion order form and availability list up now.


I went to their website couldn’t see it. how to you view their scion list?


Scroll to bottom of page. There are some not-very-visible links embedded in the text for the apple list and scion order form.


ok… I see it. thanks!

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Here is a text file version so you can search it. There are so many apples that it comes in handy to use a search tool to find if they have something.

TOC-Apple-List-12-2020.txt (24.5 KB)

They have a very impressive list here, getting to the Botner level of varieties. I hope they are going on the other fruits Botner had, I found his pears and plums more useful than his apples since many people save apples but few people save old pears or plums.


Scott, when I get a chance, I’ll ask. This is conjecture on my part, but one difficulty with the non-apple fruits may be identification. TOC has a team of skilled apple ID folks which I think came in handy in transferring Botner’s apple collection.

My impression is that they have their hands full with just the apples, at least for now. Joanie Cooper is the founder and president, and every interaction I have had with TOC (emails, scion ordering, etc.) has been with Joanie herself, which leads me to believe they are really operating on a shoestring without much outside help.

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Thanks Scott for making it easier to get to.