The easiest pears to graft - pear interstems

Clara frijs, douglas, small yellow pear, farmingdale, harrow delight, clapps favorite , improved kieffer, harrow sweet are extremely easy pears to graft. You might be wondering why do we care or need this information? The hard pears to graft such as ayer not ayers for me failed on every callery i tried it on. The difficult to graft callery pears in every case i was able to graft with my small yellow pear , harrow delight, farmingdale or as a last resort clara frijs or douglas. That means if you have a field of wild callery you cannot graft ive done the work already to find you compatible scion wood and you can graft whatever you want to them. Using these pears as interstems makes grafting many impossible callery , bet, etc. Very possible. You may want to experiment further with other difficult to graft pome species of close relatives of pears.


You’re saying Ayer and Ayers are different?

I got 5 for 5 takes onto a callery with Ayers.

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Correct take a look at this link Anyone growing the Ayer pear? Its not the same pear as Ayers . By the way my small yellow pear grafts 100% of the time to aronia should you need to know that. That may not seem important yet but in time it will be. Years ago i mentioned pear and cottoneaster were compatible according to an ancient book i read and apparently i was not the only one who read it because they were using it is cotton easter as a rootstock in canada. Ive not grafted everything but have done enough experiments to be familiar with the possibilities are endless with that small yellow pear.

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