Wanting to buy Indar


I dont see my name either bit ill send you another pm


He is sending mine to you also @Drew51. Let me know when it arrives. I will pay @dutch-s for my Indar then reimburse you for my share of shipping when i come by.


Guys, It’s been a long ass week at my regular job. My apologies i only got a couple of boxes ready. It looks like another all day rain event Sunday. Either way i will get everyone together this weekend and get all sent out early next week. I’ll PM everyone the cost with shipping. You already know the @oz. cost…I’ll just add the shipping…Thanks


@dutch-s, I had the same issue. I bought a gallon of Indar in the fall, and it took forever to get half-pints out to folks here, for various crazy reasons. The bottles for @Barkslip, @Patrick and @Graftman are still in transit! (sorry guys)


No rush Dutch, with this wacky weather it’ll probably be July 4th before stuff breaks dormancy anyway!

Thanks again!


I have other good stuff I could use anyway, so yeah no hurry.


I’m not going to dilly, dally…I want to get these out. This will be done in the coming week come hell or high water. It’s just been an behind busting week…:confounded::face_with_raised_eyebrow::grin:


No worries, I just appreciate you going though all this trouble.


Perfect day for boxing up INDAR!


Packed. Will go out tomorrow or Tuesday!


Ian Thank You …received maple syrup bottle of INDAR. Please tell where to send payment.
Attached is sized for your maple syrup bottles an application label for all you who no longer have a memory like me.IAN


Sorry guys. I been out of town 2 days this week. I’ll have receipts and cost from UPS for everyone tomorrow morning. If you are desperate and need it quick let me know and I’ll do expedited. Again . Sorry. Just been incredibly busy and out of town in meetings…


Everyone’s is at the building going out today. I’ll PM each of you the full cost and an individual tracking number for each package later this afternoon.


Sounds good! Thanks again Dutch!


ALL SENT TO EVERYONE. I have PM’d Everyone with all your individual info.

I really hope this helps guys. Take care and use wisely!


Dutch, I replied to this thread and also sent you a PM but did not get any response. I was hoping to get in on this deal. Is it too late?


I feel like an idiot. I read your message and din’t make a bottle for you. How much did you say you want? I will make it up for you. It will have to be this weekend though since it is at My farm and i don’t live there yet. It is absolutely no problem. Just want you to know the time frame’ Damn…I’m sorry. It’s just been total chaos here the last month…really, I’m much better than this…


Never mind David, I see your message. 8 OZ. is fine. If the timeline is good with you I will put it together this weekend.


If I were having to do as many bottles as @dutch-s has had to make, package, address, ship, then keep up with everyone’s information, billing, etc I’d have taken even longer and did a worse job by far. That’s why I won’t try. But I am going to buy a gallon soon so if anyone wants as much as a 1/2 gallon or a 1/3 or perhaps a 1/4th at the least, let me know. I can handle 2-3 packages but I fear that is about it! :slight_smile: anyone who wants a fairly large amount can contact me here or PM me.


Ditto. That’s why I kicked in a little tip as a token of my appreciation. Thanks again Dutch!!!