Wanting to buy Indar


I have just ordered a gallon of Indar and am looking to sell four 1-pint bottles at my cost + shipping. It will be shipped in 1 pint, labeled, glass chemical bottles with a printout of the label and the MSDS sheets. Cost looks to be $44 a jar + shipping costs.

I am only willing to sell it by pints and to addresses in the continental US.

PM me if interested.

Thanks, Jamie

Edit: All four pints are now spoken for.


I am seeing black knot start to wear down my plum and web caterpillars as well. If anyone is splitting Indar than I would like a pint. Please PM me.


Anyone planning to start a group Indar order? I have blueberries and am tired of trying to control Mummy Berry disease with other alternatives. Tnx


I’m open to participating in a group Indar order.


I want 16 OZ. I am going to order a gallon of Indar if we come up with 8 people(each person get a 16 OZ).

Keystone has the lowest price for $309.95 plus $20.00 shipping. So, each 16 OZ will cost $41.25.

Group buy Indar fungicide brown rot stone fruits etc

I am interested in Indar as well.


I can take 2 pints of Indar if you don’t get 7 people.


Thank you for helping us to make this possible. I will wait for few more days and see are there any more people join us.


Kenny, I am interested in a pint also. Let us know what the price will be including shipping.
Paypal OK?

Jeff S (in GA).


Hi, Jeff. I do not have your zip code to calculate the shipping cost. I post my Zip code here, so everybody can calculate their own cost in UPS.com base on shipping weight 1.5LB. I ship from Brooklyn NY 11214. I will supply box and packing at NO charge. Paypal is good.


We have six people in now(7catcmom as 2X). I am going to place the ORDER now with Keystone.


If someone drops out, please include me. I would like to buy some


We have 2 more opening.


Looks like shipping from NY to GA, up to 4 pounds in a 8x8x8 box is 14.22 via UPS. That would make the total $55.47, will do $56. Will need your Paypal acct to send payment. I am new to the site, not sure if there is a way you can respond only to me. The paypal msg will have all the ship to info.


My paypal information is in you message.
Thank you!


@ Kenny_Zone7B_NYC

I just wanted to check if you got the Indar yet? Also are you having to buy boxes, packing materials if so I would want to cover the cost of that. And what size boxes are you using since shipping costs vary based on box size?


I got the gallon Indar and the 32 oz Luna Sensation Yesterday. Just waiting for everybody paid and ship out all packages together. That save time and lower the COVID-19 risk. Thank you!


I got the gallon Indar and the 32 oz Luna Sensation Yesterday. Anybody want to get a pint of indar please let me know in message. I still have few pints left. I just want to keep it fresh, so I only keep a pint for myself. For those who paid for your Indar and want to try a little of Luna Sensation that I can ship it with your Indar with no extra shipping cost. Luna Sensation cost me $261.95($241.94 + $20.00 shipping) for 32 oz from keystonepestsolutions. It will cost you $8.20/oz and minimum 3 oz(I have a 100ml bottle fit 3 oz). Please let me know.

Indar and Luna Sensation and the best fungicide in general.



I need more people to share these Fungicide. Thank You.


What do you use Luna Sensation for? I’ve not come across it.