What are you dreaming of ordering for 2021?


I don’t think this topic exists yet . . .
but it does now!

I will get this ball rolling - by saying that I have already ordered some replacement Muscadines from Ison’s - that should arrive late winter. My Darlene has come back . . . but others’ reports of low production have me thinking that I will pull it out anyway . . . and one of my Frys as well. I ordered a Summit and a Pam.


I’m hoping to find a reasonable replacement for the Poncirus Trifoliate Snow Dragon I had planted 2 years ago that was stomped on and killed by the cable guy this past spring.

I wouldn’t mind getting a KSU-Chappell (I might have spelled that wrong) as I want to add another named pawpaw to my yard.

I tried getting an Anemone Robustissimma this past spring and settled for a different anemone, so I might look to add what I wanted to start with in spring 2021. I’m also always on the lookout for a Clematis Vienetta and a passiflora incarnata Lemon Chiffon. (though I may never get a chance at these again)


I had a muscadine that I kept potted and was planning on dropping in the ground this past spring, but after 3 years in a pot I had lost it. I think I’ll stick with getting muscadines on those rare occasions I see them at the fruit market.


I dream of being able to order more dwarf fruit trees. I already have 2 dwaft peach and 2 dwaft nectarine but would love to own more dwaft fruit trees. I could get a MacIntosh apple dwaft tree but I just hate those «apples»… Yes, pruning is always possible but owning a «no effort to grow» dwaft fruit trees is a big plus for me because I already have more than 50 planted fruit trees and 35 more coming next spring. Enough work…

Owners of my favorite nursery say that they are more difficult and more expansive to « create » but the results for me is totally worth it! Marc


I have two apple trees I’d like to replace with the new apple releases by Cornell, firecracker is on my radar but hasn’t showed up yet in nurseries.


just put in 3 named cultivar autumn berry rooted cuttings for $5 from fruitwoodnursery.com. also added another aurora honeyberry and a northline Saskatoon. normally don’t plant in the fall but the deals were good and its abnormally wet and warm so they should get to put down roots before the freeze comes back. 3in. of wood chips around them should give further protection.


Where would be a good place to buy a sparkleberry cutting from?

One Green World has Firecracker and i ordered it last year but they sent me a “sorry its gone note” this spring. I did get a Redlove Era from them.

Are fruitwoods cuttings well rooted?


Not the firecracker trademark apple. I meant the new variety from Cornell just released.


Stupid trademarks :joy: like taco bells “steak” :face_vomiting:


I don’t blame you, 2020 was such a looser…look with optomism down the road.

I’m ordering more apple rootstocks. Not sure about anything else yet.


I’m pretty much out of room to plant new stuff. I’m going to order a couple of apple scions for my project tree. And I’m starting to get into gingers, so I may order some different varieties of those.


I’ve got 10 antonovka and 10 ussurian pear rootstocks ordered. Also ordered an Aroostook Sunset apple, and Kaspar’s Winter, Dana Hovey, and Cabot Vermont pear scions from Fedco. I plan to order a few sweet apple scions from TOC in December. I’ll probably trade a few scions with a few folks too.


I bought a couple plants from these guys a few years ago,but am not sure if they have any now.
A rooted cutting?One of mine may still be alive and could possibly propagate some from that,but will be next year.


I have ordered replacement peaches and cherries. I am dreaming of ordering more persimmon rootstock to fix and hopefully establish the big patch we have envisioned.

I am waiting for the nursery I spoke to to send me an invoice. Does anyone know of a source for D. Virginiana if they don’t actually come through? That is one dream I do want to realize. I got to eat some ripe hachia from the store…and it was pretty good.


I’m dreaming of a girardi mulberry and morello tart cherry, jewel black raspberry and maybe an Asian persimmon along with gobs of hood strawberries.


I would like some stratified pecans to plant and eventually graft.


I am dreaming of ordering orange trees, finger limes calamondins all other kinds of citrus, dragon fruit and figs. The problem is I live in Michigan and can’t (yet) afford to build a geothermal greenhouse.
This guy is definitely doing it right.


I love this postman! This guys very smart i think its what we all need to do. I liked this one as it showed a bunch of shots of the house too.

Thanks @Bradybb


I’m starting to read more about persimmons, so this could be wrong. As I understand it, you don’t want to graft D. Kaki (e.g Hachiya) on D. Virginiana rootstock as they decline slowly.

DWN and LE Cooke use D. Lotus rootstocks for D. Kakis


I’m looking to add a Coral Blaze conelian cherry – but can’t find it outside of OGW (bare root only, out of stock – no guarantee it’ll be in).

Also looking to add a Standing Ovation serviceberry – but can’t find it except for Woody’s (bad reviews) or Sooner ($130 per tree).

Anybody have ideas on alternate sources for those? Those are my biggest concern right now.

After that, would like to add 4 honeyberry – probably the Japanese variety (Maxie, Solo, Kawaii, etc.) but not 100 percent on if those are best in 5a/b. Also need to understand a bit more about their dormant summer cycle – I’m in suburbs so can’t have too much ‘ugly’…

I also would like to add an Eastern Prince Schisandra – need to figure out if I can actually grow them on North face of house and what type of trellis I’d use (would like to grow them on the house face).


I have some stuff on order, and will probably add a few more things.
On Order:
Earliblue blueberry
Chandler Blueberry
Aurora Blueberry
Saijo Persimmon
Reine Claude Verte
Flavor Grenade pluot
SpiceZ nectaplum
Greeen Gage and Early Italian plum scion, with more to come.

I will probably order a few Geneva rootstocks, and Krysmk-1. I will also get some white & pink currants, but I have not settled on varieties yet. I would also like a good American persimmon, if I have room.