What are your summer flowers blooming?





That is a weed free flower bed. You must use magic. If that was mine the creeping charlie would be climbing all ofl those :sunflower:


Yep it does, I will get some pics of it this summer. It is at the colleges horticultural garden, the hort program is sadly now defunct so I am not sure if they will keep the gardens for long. They have it growing up some very tall pergolas it’s lovely


Is that top one agapanthus? They talk about it a lot on bbc gardeners world but it wouldn’t survive winter here. It sure is lovely!


Hi! Yes it’s white and blue agapanthus… :blush:


More agapanthus pics


I’ve got 3 different types of gardenia…this one has really started blooming…the others should be along shortly.


@mamuang, Tippy, I found my calla lillies still alive! Shocking!


That’s very nice. I believe you are in zone 6b. Our mild winter this year was helpful, too.

Calla lilies don’t come back where I live :weary:


Brodiaea California.




What r those?


In my state, most hydrangeas are blue as soul in many areas esp. Cape Cod is acidic. I barely could make mine blue. My soil is neutral and my water has high ph.

This one is in a pot but still turns pink.


Brodiaea California.


My first prickly pear bloom of the year.


Thought I would share a pic of my borage, which has overwhelmed my garden years ago.


OK here are some more:

Fernleaf Lavender:

Bog Sage:

Narrowleaf Milkweed:

Hardy Iceplant:

Lizard’s Tail:

Cobweb Thistle:


Beautiful pictures! I forget how wide the plants get. I put other flowers too close to the borage and they are getting shaded out by those big spiky leaves. I like them as filler and a background flower, but need to remember how big they get!


Taking time to smell the flowers, just before she bit one off