What are your summer flowers blooming?


Haha every spring I perform a de-boraging procedure in the yard. The plants can get 4 feet wide and tall. However, the bees love them!


First tiger lily of the season.


Brodiaea ruby


This is Clerodendron trichotomum. The fruit look very unusual as well. I bought a small plant this year after seeing pictures of the fruit online


Those look a little like nicotiana flowers?

Mine just started blooming…they just reseed all over so i just let them grow if its not in a bad spot.

My Mexican Tuberose is just about there…i’ve got 3 pots of them…all are about to go.


A Delosperma species, Ice plant. They are succulent, drought tolerant and have the same requirements as Sedum. There are many different flower colors and hybrids. I just planted some here in zone 7 :slight_smile:


Which plant can be seen in the first picture? Looks great :+1:


I can’t find the post can you “like” it? This will direct me to post… since I’m here anyway


Did you direct seed the coneflowers? Somehow I get a really bad germination rate on those. Admittedly, I did start them a bit late in June


I direct seeded them in clumps a few years ago, they have been coming back up on their own since then. You just have to water them fairly often when they are taking in the first year. I haven’t watered after the first year.

Same with Black Eyed Susans and Shasta Daisy’s. They all do well here looks like.


Thanks. Those were my other failures as well :slight_smile: I will try again early next season. The one that were successful are zinnias and sunflowers and they are about to bloom now.


Thanks for tagging. It’s eucomis common name pineapple lily. Hardy at least to 7b. Makes a long lasting cut flower. The flowers smell like coconut sunscreen


Yes direct seeded in winter. They might need some cold stratification but putting seeds out in winter takes care of that.


Same with Monarda as well? Direct seeded? Really beautiful :butterfly: :honeybee: garden, BTW!


Direct seeded asters, rudbeckia, milkweed , coneflower. Monarda and others from starter plants.


Watch milkweed…i find that stuff almost invasive. I pull a lot of it out and just leave a few. I did have a monarch yesterday on mine so hopefully she laid some eggs.

I’ve never had luck growing monarda but its a beautiful flower. I’ve always bought coneflowers as potted plants…they seem to come back yearly.


Any particular type your talking about? I have 4-5 types a couple are pretty tall about 4’ x 4’


Mine all full bloom now. ( Brodiaea families )


From what I read, the most invasive one is the showy milkweed.


Yeah i think its called “common” milkweed. It see it all over the marsh when i’m walking the trails. I just say it because i seeded some probably 10 years ago and if i don’t remove some they just take over and pulling them doesn’t do a lot of good because they spread underground. Easy to remove but they a somewhat stinky plant and the sap its a little messy…they also grow super fast. I’ve grown the other type with more slender leaves and that one seems to stay put.

One issue i’ve had in years past is we’ll get caterpillars…and then one day they are all gone. I think a bird or something eats them.