What are your summer flowers blooming?


My red hydrangea forgot what color is supposed to be.:smile:


Easy Does It. Does not have that classic rose form nor fragrant. But it is disease resistant and a blooming machine.


Show some of my flowers this year.


Forever Susan lily with a friend (or foe?)


Sophia, all of your flowers are beautiful. Are they all lilies?


That’s some intense color!


Love those lotuses.


Sunflowers getting going… Mammoths


nope,roses,clematis, and lotus.


They sparked my hot summer!


Love the color!



Gardenia are really taking off now…the 1st one is more a tree type gardenia that has taken awhile to get going but now has quite a few blooms forming. The smell on this 1st one is amazing. Very strong . Second one is “Buttons” …this one really got set back early this spring (lack of water i think) and i had to prune it back some but its now going again with lots of blooms. Good smell, but not like the big bloom variety.


Maypop! _Passiflora incarnata _
image image image image


Hydrangeas tell you the soil Ph by color of flowers.


I really wish I could grow the kind that makes fruit. I’m in zone 8b, but Snow Queen passiflora does NOT die, it grows in the snow!

I assume the south facing beige wall it is growing against keeps it warmer, maybe makes it like zone 9?


What variety is that grey rose?

I wish I could grow a pretty colored water lily here but the store sells ugly pink white.


Yeah I am only growing for the fruit. My wife thinks the flowers are too showy and look like an insect or something LOL


These flowers are about 4 inches across, and the vines are making way up the two store apartment wall. I planted small plant in the ground over 3 years ago. The nursery warned it’s not safe to leave outside here and to take indoors in winter. I didn’t obey. I didn’t do anything. I don’t water or fertilize. It just stays green all winter and then goes nuts in spring and summer through fall! Everyone loves it. It’s a monster!


Does that produce passion fruit like you’d buy in the store? I have some of those seeds from those growing in pots.