What are your summer flowers blooming?


Thanks, David. I’ve been acidifying the hydrangeas next to that one, I just liked all the different colors from that one.


P incarnata does produce a nice fruit but it’s not quite the same flavor as a tropical passion fruit (P edulis).
Some old timers call P incarnata “apricot vine” because the fruits smell like apricots, not pungent like tropical passion fruits.
The incarnata flavor is not as deep and usually not as complex, though sometimes they can be.
I’m afraid many people dismiss P incarnata fruit because they don’t allow them to ripen properly. They must fall from the vine. (IME)
Also, in zone 7a, seedlings started early under lights and transplanted in April or so will produce fruit by July or August.


Does anyone know what this flower is? I have various shades of this plant that shows up each year at this time. It has been spreading on it’s own over the years.

Update: Four O’Clock flower according to google image search. (Mirabilis jalapa).


Hi! It’s mirabilis jalapa. They are very beautiful! :blush:



I have those… They sprouted in my coffee plant…i ordered seeds last spring and grew some last summer. I think the blooms open at night. They produce a lot of seeds and i think i have some saved but never got around to starting them this spring.




Are you able to grow a lot of tropical plants at your location? It must be pretty mild near the Atlantic.


Hi! Yes sub-tropical and tropical in sheltered places… we usually have 0C to -1C but some winters we can have -3C lowest temp.


Anyone know what flowers are these? Some kind of sunflower or Rubeckia?

They came up this year for the first time. Very nice, bright yellow. I hope they make seeds for next year. Love to have more of them.


One thing I like about beginning of July around here is that the orange daylillies are blooming. These grow well wild, but I have encouraged and divided them in my yard. Red currants in back, which I picked today and made into jam.


I love the look of your currants @HollyGates ! What variety are they? Mine are Red Lake and grow in a small upright shrub. They don’t vine at all and they certainly don’t produce those nice long clusters of fruit. I have currant envy.


They are Johnkeer van tets, and they would like to be growing in shrub form. The only reason they are not doing so is because of me constantly pruning, pinching, and strapping growth to a trellis wire. I’d say they are not as natural to espalier as apple trees, but it works if you keep at it.

This is my only red currant and it is 6 years old. I don’t especially like the fruit fresh - very sour and seedy. But it looks nice, is red for weeks, is ok to eat in limited quantities fresh, and makes good jam. So I’m letting it stay.

We picked about 2L+ off this one bush this morning to make jam to put on a 4th of july cake I’m planning to bake tomorrow. The frozen berries in the tupperware are mostly goumi with a few currants on top which I picked last week and stored until the currants were ready. The jam is probably half currant, quarter goumi, quarter raspberry.


Thanks for explaining how you trained your currant. I hadn’t thought of even trying that.
I would be very happy to get that amount from mine! I think mine is like 5 yrs old.
I bet your cake is going to be both beautiful and delicious!!


They could be a heliopsis or also called a false sunflower. I have those in my garden. They come back every year.


Thank you. Hope they spread.


I believe its a simple coreopsis. Its a perennial.


Hi Holly, may I please have the name of your food mill. Thanks


Your welcome. Mine spread a little but mainly stay in the same area.


That is a fancy food mill. I have a smaller one that works really well for smaller batches of tomatoes/etc… Im going to use mine today to make some raspberry tea using some raspberries I bought at the store yesterday (cheap)…you can also just use frozen raspberries.

I ordered 4 plumeria cuttings from Florida. I have no idea why but i’m going to give it a go because I want some different color of blooms (I have a pink type right now).