What are your summer flowers blooming?


Heliopsis - perennial.


Echinacea - Cone Flower. First year beetles haven’t eaten the petals.


Mine aren’t quite flowering yet…i think I have too much shade on them. They are my favorite of the “native” flowers…


Sure! It is a Squeezo, absolutely the best food mill in my opinion. Makes it so easy to process large quantities, and it is not too hard to set up and clean up so I use it even for a few jars of jam.

I have a friend with one and I would borrow it every year to make apple sauce so I finally got my own.

You can buy one new:

They are pretty expensive though. I got a used one on ebay and bought new aftermarket stainless screens for it. I don’t know about the new ones, but my vintage one had plated steel screens. Stainless screens are great because you can put them in the dishwasher. Sometimes it is tough to clean out the inside of the screens, depending on what you put through it, and the dishwasher makes it easy.


I am quite sure it is not coreopsis. I had coreopsis in the past.

@danzeb and @StacGrowingInPa - thanks. I agree that it is Heliopsis. I believe I pulled up several young ones in the spring thinking they were weeds :confounded:.

This one has survived my killing hands. Glad it has. Beautiful yellow brightens up my backyard. I have too many purple flowers in my garden.



Thanks Holly!


My Bee Balm. Love the fragrance of the leaves.


Catclaw Sensitive Briar
Notice the open leaflets…

And then after I touch them… closed! Cool.

Purple prairie Clover blooming everywhere.

One of my favorites, Fringeleaf Ruellia. I let this plant grow around my fruit trees and anywhere else around my garden.

Squash blossoms

Moss Roses self seed in my garden, growing in amongst the vegetables.

Beautiful poppies continue to bloom

Cactus Zinnia


I’ve been thinking of planting this.


Bee Balm? Go for it. The flowers have an interesting form. The leaves smell very nice. It spreads well.

My red one is about 3-4 ft tall.

The newer colors like bright pink or purple stay small about a foot tall.


Follow up from the tangent of making jam from my red currants. Here is the 4th of July cake I made with that jam. It used 18 eggs, 1L cream, 2L strawberries, 1 pint blueberries, 1 pint jam, roughly. We took it to our neighbors for outdoor dinner and even with 10 people from our two families we had enough leftover to have one more slice each on sunday.

I spent nearly all day Saturday making this cake! But I’m happy with how it turned out. Could have been more level, but it looked pretty good and was delicious.


Did you graduate from a culinary school? That looked fantastic.


Absolutely fabulous. I bet you get invited to lots of dinners.:wink:


Thanks for the compliments :slight_smile:
I just like making (and eating) cake, and also like spending too much time trying to make things look good. It drives my wife crazy sometimes actually: “Stop cutting little decorations and put that pie in the oven!!”




Yep :crazy_face:


You’d make a great bridge player too !


I couldn’t have that around or i’d eat the whole thing.


Hahaha… Me too…:rofl: