What are your summer flowers blooming?


Love them!


Here’s my Rose Mallow. In ground coming back every year.


Some more picks from my garden. Cactus zinnias, calendulas, chicory, snapdragon, basils.


Great combination, very colorful


Beautiful flower! Love the color.

Mine is called hibiscus moscheutos Luna series which is rose marrow as well?


Wow, double wow!


You cannot dislike the honest zinnia. My grand mother’s and husbands favorite flower. One of mind too. So strong!


Colorado Red Star artichoke that I let go to flower, coneflowers in the background. I was surprised by how pretty the artichoke flowers are! It is my first time seeing them.


I agree. For such a beautiful flower, I think I should have to work harder to grow them! But nope, these are the blessing of my garden. Plant the seeds and enjoy the show.

@HollyGates, That is a really unique and beautiful flower! What a bonus!


Thanks for posting the calendulas. I was not sure what species of daisy I had growing and dropping seed. The wild bees seem to be crazy for them.


Well,my lady of the night is blooming so is dragon snaps. I love to grow dragon snaps. It is carefree and continuous bloom till very later into fall. Flowers are in various colors and interesting shaped


Yes, hibiscus moscheutos is the botanical name of Rose Mallow.


No one is growing clematis hibrids? I plant my small ones for the first time and will have the first flower opening in near time… :blush:


My subtopic is summer lack of flowers on my lantana. They seem really late starting to bloom but they are slowly starting. They aren’t beautiful like all yours but maybe this will be a start to better things ahead.


I bought Lantana because it reminds my of my school years way back. We had huge lantanas bushes near the school entrance.

I feed it with petunia food. It works well.


Mine have exploded


I have the only two (I think) hardy lantana to my zone 7b, miss huff and chapel hill. Miss huff gets quite bushy, loved by butterflies but the coolest visitors are the hummingbird moths


Some pics of Rose of Sharon blooms down by the woodshed. Guess it has two different trees due to the different colors.


Clematis Westerplatte


One of the few things that thrive in Florida heat and humidity in August. These Hibiscus love it and will have a ton of flowers soon. Dozens of buds on there!!!