What fruits did you eat today?


Of those, I liked banana the least and American persimmon the most.

My friend did not take out the seed of that jujube. The seed was hard like rock :weary:


I had some freeze dried figs once not long ago. I thought they were much inferior to normal dried figs. The texture was bad, not sweet, and no flavor. The texture is hard to compare because I can’t think of anything else you’d eat that’s crunchy, dry, and tastes like some kind of foam board.


You gave the best description:
“crunchy, dry and taste like foam board”.


Sorry, It sounded like my apples were also Sweetango and they are not. They wont let me have a tree!
Pictured of mine are HoneyCrisp, Cortland, Red-D, and CrimsonCrisp.


It’s interesting how the colors change.

When I first saw the watermelon piece, the first thing that came to my mind was a piece of this:
http://www.abuahmedmeattrading.ae/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Lamb-Lung.jpg :joy:


I finally had one of my Goldrush yesterday. To tell you the truth, it was pretty meh. It was still a bit starchy. Not a bad flavor, and fairly well balanced on the sweet/acid side. I think the small size of the apples makes them not great specimens. I’m going to try to find some from the local U-pick that fully sized-up. But our below-average warmth fall didn’t help matters either.


I am not sure if it was on this thread I mentioned the Goldrush I bought locally. All the ones I had from the different orchards locally were just so-so as well. I would not buy them again nor plant a Goldrush tree if this is how they are locally. I need to find a better apple to grow than this one.


Pink Lady will hold a long time on my tree even with our hot summers. I left one on the tree and picked it today. It had turned pink and the seed was dark but best of all was how good it tasted. Some of the newer apple varieties are really good but to me PL is hard to beat.


I ate my first jujube today. Shanxi Li. I didn’t think it was going to produce anything, but set a small crop late.

They Are mildly sweet and a little spongy. Nice to get something this late in the year.


I ate this parker pear today. It was still fairly crisp (kept in the crisper), which I like. Sweet enough to make me smile :slight_smile: I picked it around mid August. I guess the tree may get fire blight some day, but I’m enjoying it a lot until that day comes.


My first Euro Clementines. I tried to find the label on the box. Don’t know if their from France, Spain or Italy. Will ask over the weekend. Soooo Sweet.


Are all your Parker’s that shape?


Yes, these parker pears usually have that shape. Here is a pic of a few from a year ago closer to picking time.


Been enjoying fuyu type persimmons from an Asian food market near me. I bought 5 last weekend and was down to the last one today so had to go get more. They had a box of 24 for $9.99… it was hard to just buy one box!
The more orange one to the right of the box was the last from the ones I bought earlier and had ripened up nicely. Very tasty.


In Florida visiting family, and found rambutans for $4/lb at the local fruit stand. Ate all that I bought and went back for more!


Our group had papaya, mango and just for the heck of it, banana ! Besides, the usual suspects, what other fruits grow well in the tropics and where can I get free seeds shipped to Mozambique ?


My first sunburst tangerine


I just had my 1st persimmon, forgot to see the name but It was large and had a chalky fibrous after taste? Is the chalky fibrous after taste normal? It was firm so I thought maybe it wasn’t ripe?


I bought Honeycrisp, Ambrosia, Braeburn, Fuji, Pink Lady, and Jonagold apples at a local supermarket (I think Braeburn was mislabeled since it had wrong shape, but other varieties seemed to be correct). Had a bit of apple taste testing. I liked Jonagold and Pink Lady more than the others, but none of these apples got me excited. Etter’s Gold from my graft that I had for comparison was so much better than all these store-bought apples. I harvest Cripps Pink (Pink Lady) from my graft around New Year and these are absolutely the best.


Have you ever taste the Rubinette apple from your tree yet? Your scions grew real well. I am hoping next year I may have the chance to taste it. I have heard the flavor is very good but the tree is very picky to grow.