What fruits did you eat today?


Don’t give up on persimmons based on that experience! They are sweet and delicious when ready to eat!

There are both astringent and non-astringent persimmons and the ones I bought are non-astringent. I let them get riper (oranger) than in my picture, but can still eat them totally firm, although I like them a little better when they start to have just a bit of give. Astringent persimmons (including American persimmons) really need to be fully soft or they are not good to eat. Maybe yours was an astringent type and wasnt ripe or else it just wasn’t ripe or was picked too young.


Rubinette grafts are on my younger trees and I removed all blooms this spring to avoid runting. These trees grew very well over the summer so I expect some harvest next year.


I still have about 30 lbs of fresh Petersen’s pawpaw in the fridge since late August. They are so tasty.



Nice! I had some until a week ago from wild trees, but the only ones left were small, seedy, and bitter. Some of those were barftastic! :nauseated_face: I really hope to get some fruit from my Peterson trees next year so I don’t have to rely on the risky nature of wild pawpaws.


That looks amazing, what setting do you store your fruit at? I was thinking of buying a clean cheap craigslist fridge and setting it at 35 degrees and medium high humidity to store extra fruit until i can build a cellar so i dont have a manic harvest processing of all my vegetables (or at least less) like this year.

Unless its humidity that rubinette does not like, It may do well for you here it really makes a excellent apple and i have not had any troubles with it growth wise either and the main difference between our climates is humidity and rainfall since we have similar hot cold pattern.


I just set it at low probably 35 degrees. I hoped my Rubinette grafts do well here. My September Fuji was very productive this year.




Just waiting to be plucked. It will be a super lunch hour


Do they taste like chestnuts?


They are from Corsica!


No. I am not so interesting because those were picked almost one month ago and counter ripening. My friend said tree ripening tasting really good. First he thought these are junk fruits after tasting tree ripening he decided to plant 2 more different varieties.


Still don’t know what they taste like. Rotten fruit?


The one I tasted was not a perfect tree ripened one. I am waiting to taste them again.
Really hard to describe the flavor of medlar, the combination sweet and sour between persimmon, banana , chocolate and green mango to me. Hopefully some of us have more experience of tasting medlar fruits.


I’ve heard that they taste like a spiced apple butter, but your description is much more intriguing. I’m hoping to find out for myself next year.


Bosc Pears. 13.4, 13.6, and 15.9 ounces. Very sweet, juicy, and flavorful. Also a bit more gritty than most Bosc I have tasted.


Here are some Winter Banana apples that produced this year. Very nice apples with a great taste.

This one above was tucked in between some branches. I thought the stem area was neat looking.




Our nice neighbor dropped off some Fuyu (Jiro) and Hachiya persimmons. My wife and I like both varieties but she prefers crunchy Fuyu and I love the gooey texture and flavor of Hachiya. I read from the forum that there are better astringent varieties. I’m planning to plant a Saijo this winter.


Cosmic Crisp Apple.


star apples are you going to try to grow them
from seed?