What fruits did you eat today?


No. I don’t think they can survive in Cold Winter here.


Pepino melon .


Suebelle white sapote from home

Unknown white sapote

Suebelle is on top. Both have two big seeds. Both are very creamy and good in spite of the new bruises. Suebelle is much sweeter.


Medlars in various forms…first time I’ve used them. (First time making cobbler, too) The Medlars are great!



Please try to explain their taste. I think they are a fascinating fruit with little attention, at least in the U.S. Thanks!


What do they taste like? Will you be trying to got these from some of those seeds?


I think the Pepino melon needs warmer weather than my areas. So I didn’t plant them from seeds.
It’s flavor tasting like between cantaloupe and cucumber . Not too sweet more like vegetables to me. I need to taste more but don’t feel interesting much with its flavor.


From what i know pepino melon is very variable regarding the flavour and appearance. Some are soapy and bad tasting, there are bland and others like mine are really nice like cantaloupe/pear flavour. I like it very much!


Yes Luis.
I think you right. In the grocery store near my home, they’re selling $6.99 for each Fruit. So I didn’t buy them again yet. It’s nice you growing them.


Yes i have photos on my thread… i love this fruit!


I stopped by the local orchard’s store to get some golden delicious today and to my surprise they had GoldRush for sale so I got that instead. I picked a pre-filled bag since it’s cheaper than selecting your own apples.

It’s definitely different enough from Golden Delicious to justify my planting GR and Hooples out of 3 total cultivars. To me this GR is closer to Suncrisp than GD. It is very good, and probably not even the best specimen.


I ate some fresh passion fruit right out of the yard! Vines are dying back will probably have to go a month or two without them nut recently the fruit size has enlarged and they are a mouthful!


Strawberries from Spain and a giant orange from Sicily.


Which we’ve done the past two years, using frozen raspberries, cherries or black currants. I find currants need whizzing in blender first. After 2 months of shaking up the elixir, strain & hide it another 6-8 weeks. It’s the only way my wife likes black currants.


Interesting i should probably try the blender i usually just flash freeze, blanch or make sure they are punctured before adding to liquor because i want to be lazy about straining but maybe i would make a more tasty liquor if i blended it and went with a cheesecloth to strain?

Do you do any simple syrups? I’m wondering when would be best to add fruit to them and would like to do it after the boiling but not sure if that would work best?


So far I’ve made a simple syrup: 2 cups sugar to half as much water in a sauce pan. Pour that over 6-8 cups frozen and thawed fruit in a half gallon Mason jar - only the currants need blender action; other fruits break up due to freezing - and top up with vodka. Sugar doesn’t dissolve well in alcohol so I use only that much water. Shake daily, or nearly so, for weeks.
I just use two sheets of paper towel in a strainer or colander and let it drain for several hours.

The residue goes over ice cream or granola at breakfast (just a bit of alcohol still gassing away from this; no worries in the morning.)


El Bumpo cherimoya, not as flavorful as previous years. Maybe too much rain?


This last harvest season I picked about 5 pounds of Arkansas Black. These are the first in my experience, & from an orchard near town. Hard, crisp at the start and even now. Not bad, but I find the flavor of AB odd, at least those grown in this region. These strike me as the taste of Delicious magnified several times over. It’s not fennel, although the taste leans that way. Their smell in the plastic bag is metallic or medicinal. I washed them all and put them in another bag, which has reduced the odor. No rot, but many seem to be afflicted with what looks like Jonathan Spot. If I am not careful to cut that all away, they give me unpleasant gas.
(Could be bitter pit; wasn’t obvious when picked. Maybe I’ll work with the orchard owner to spread Super Sweet & dolomite around their AB trees this spring to see of the spots can be controlled that way.)

This sample of Arkansas Black averages about a quarter inch larger than & is keeping better than Empire, which I enjoy immensely. Empire is beginning to soften, although flavor & juiciness haven’t diminished.
These both are being doled out with some deliberation, as they are all that remain of last year’s picking. My own trees aren’t producing enough to feed me daily this far into winter - yet.

An hour after writing the above, I bumped into a bag of forgotten Granny Smith. This is an apple that repays leaving on the tree until late October. They are beautiful: golden with a bright red blush on the sunny side. Flavor is excellent & flesh is resistant to the tooth without the snap of too-early picked fruit. Since the literature had led me to believe Granny Smith could not ripen in these parts, I have that much more hope to enjoy Goldrush grown in my yard when that fine day arrives.


Bavay gage plums (vacuum packed and frozen in August). These plums are so sweet you might think they have been preserved in a syrup, but not a a single drop of sugar was actually added.


I would love to have a bowl of them for breakfast daily.