What fruits did you eat today?


No. I don’t think they can survive in Cold Winter here.


Pepino melon .


Suebelle white sapote from home

Unknown white sapote

Suebelle is on top. Both have two big seeds. Both are very creamy and good in spite of the new bruises. Suebelle is much sweeter.


Medlars in various forms…first time I’ve used them. (First time making cobbler, too) The Medlars are great!



Please try to explain their taste. I think they are a fascinating fruit with little attention, at least in the U.S. Thanks!


What do they taste like? Will you be trying to got these from some of those seeds?


I think the Pepino melon needs warmer weather than my areas. So I didn’t plant them from seeds.
It’s flavor tasting like between cantaloupe and cucumber . Not too sweet more like vegetables to me. I need to taste more but don’t feel interesting much with its flavor.


From what i know pepino melon is very variable regarding the flavour and appearance. Some are soapy and bad tasting, there are bland and others like mine are really nice like cantaloupe/pear flavour. I like it very much!


Yes Luis.
I think you right. In the grocery store near my home, they’re selling $6.99 for each Fruit. So I didn’t buy them again yet. It’s nice you growing them.


Yes i have photos on my thread… i love this fruit!