What fruits did you eat today?


I tried a gold rush apple for my first time ever a few days ago. It was delicious, crunchy, and juicy.


Will have to wait a few days for this to be ready:

The store also had mangosteen, which doesn’t excite me. I get free mangoes at the hotel so no need to buy those. Most of the fruits I was looking for were not there. I’ll find another place to go.


First Oro Blanco from our tree. The first year fruits are usually pretty underwhelming on most trees as they ripen out of season, but this one was good.


I found some Evercrisp apples at a local grocery store. These are very good apples compared to what the normal choices of apples are in the grocery stores. This grocery store normally buys apples from a “local” orchard. I consider it local because it is a bigger orchard in our state and their apples are normally always very good. Not too many that have been picked too early. This local grocery store has a lot of local products from smaller producers. Which is nice for the locals and also gets us to try products that are not from the bigger food producers and gives the smaller vendor a market to get their product out to the public.


I had these yellow kiwi with a red halo around where the seeds are. They have a nuttier taste compared to the yellow kiwis I normally eat and are much smaller in size.


I got a few tiny plums on my new tree last year. So many branches coming out now! I cannot wait until I get the real size plums!


Right now I have no fruit in the house except over ripe bananas. It’s so sad. I saw a wild strawberry flowering in my yard, and a stalk of rhubarb pushing up, but no other life.


Had the guyabano aka soursop. It does not look fancy but it was perfect.

This star apple is for tomorrow, if the wife doesn’t eat it first.


Clementines and raspberries.


I had a Brazilian Banana yesterday but now I find the regular Cavendish ones tasteless :frowning:


The last Empire apples are finally soft; everything else about them still worthwhile.

The last Arkansas Black got eaten a couple days ago - still smelled & tasted like someone dumped motor oil on it.

Had a Granny Smith day before yesterday: tree ripened and picked nearby circa 28 October. Deep golden skin with cheery red cheek. Way more flavors - rather subtle - & sugar than those dark green things the store supplies. Still some snap to the bite.


Still pulling frozen Belle of Georgia peach slices out of the freezer and plunking them into my iced tea. I love them this way–they still retain their shape/color and make good ice-cubes to boot!


My father in law wound up coming down. He brought us a box wirh several kilos of passion fruit, several kilos of calamansi, a box of strawberries, a box of mangoes, and this massive bunch of bananas. I asked my nephew if they needed any and he said FIL brings a box like that for everyone when he goes to Manila. In total he bought 21 kilograms just of calamansi. I didn’t know this since we always went up to Baguio to see him. He brought 5 of these boxes on the bus with him, one for each family member living in the city…


We wound up going to Tagaytay after all since the volcano alert was leveled down to 3 on the Philippines’ scale of 5 where 5 means catastropic eruption happening and 4 means possible catastrophic eruption imminent. This is the closest town to go to for fresh jackfruit this time of the year. There were defoliated jackfruit trees covered in ash, fields of pineapple were still covered in ash, but the town itself was pretty well cleaned up. The volcano itself was still smoking a little but between my cheap smartphone camera and my poor photography skills I didn’t capture it. When we got back to the hotel security told me I couldn’t bring my fruit upstairs until I had a manager OK it, because they say some guests are offended by the smell of jackfruit. They had this guy named Brix bring it up for me. When he got here he saw all the other fruits my father in law brought us yesterday. LOL

We got more star apples, another guyabano, and some jackfruit to add to our stash. I gave Brix some strawberries and passionfruits to go along with his cash tip.

We ate lunch at a restaurant that overlooked the volcano, which is located in the middle of a lake that was created from a major eruption that happened long ago.


Wonderful pics! Thanks so much for sharing. All new information for me.


Yes, my cherimoyas get really washed out flavor if we’ve had decent rain recently.



Mushy, soft, somewhat juicy. Was almost as if it was lightly frozen then thawed. Nothing as good as home grown Honeycrisp in my area. Of course it came from Walmart so I wasn’t expecting to be knocked out of my socks.

The Juici apple was bred to be similar to its parent, Honeycrisp apple, one of the most popular apple varieties currently in the United States. Juici apple’s texture is very similar to Honeycrisp—dense and crunchy, even at room temperature. The skin of the Juici apple is mostly red, overlaid on a yellow background. The skin is also fairly thin. This variety is in fact juicy, but not overpoweringly so. The flavor of Juici apples is balanced between sweet and a tart finish, less sweet than its parent Honeycrisp.


Cosmic Crisp and it was a very good apple.


I saved one in the fridge for weeks and it still didn’t change :open_mouth: Someone in WA needs to send me a tree or I’ll have to fly for one.


I’ve had a couple and they were pretty good. Bought another today from Walmart. Will see how it is. The first ones I had were medium size. The one from Walmart is very large.