What fruits did you eat today?


That’s true for early season fruits, the difference in the ripening time shrinks as the season progresses.


@Bradybb, PM me in January, I will send you some no problem. @Ahmad, here in central Ca the ripening time of Flavor King is mid August as the DWN states online and in their Variety and Rootstock description book. They are very similar, just different ripening times, kind of like the Blenheim sports.


@Stan @fruitgrower Let us compare another few late fruits; my Arctic Jay ripens July 15, Dapple Dandy ripens Sep 11 and Flavor Grenade ripens Sep 20 (last years data; soft ripe). When do yours ripen?


Then perhaps I have the early sport…


@Ahmad, you could possibly have it. I have sent scion out to several members a few years ago and I think you were one of them, not sure though. It is nice to have two harvests of these wonderful fruit. I also distributed scion 3 years ago at the CRFG scion exchange in Sacramento, and at Prusch park.


Ate one of the two Candy Heart pluerries on the tree. Early and not yet colored up but very delicious. Nice texture, crunchy and firm but still juicy. Surprised at the small size of the pit and large amount of meat. Was going to let both fully ripen but felt too worried that a critter would get them as the birds pecked up half of the delicious Hosui pears that I was looking forward to eating


Delicious yellow flesh fresh peaches. Don’t know the name. Yesterday I ate two white flesh peaches, sweet and creamy, but I really like the tang in a yellow peach better.


Picked the fourth and last Arctic Glo from my second leaf tree, brix was 18, flavor and eating quality were overall very good. Definitely a keeper for me, specially if I can raise the brix in drier years and as the tree gets more mature. I actually found out that I like balanced acidic fruit as much as I like low acid ones… Thanks to @Drew51 and @fruitgrower for recommending this variety.


Is Arctic Glo a shy setter?


These fruits do get better. Foe me my Nadia is amazingly good this year. Well balanced, very sweet with a touch of tartness. The last 2 years it was OK, a little too tart. This year it’s perfect! The best plum type this year so far. Most are not ripe yet, even most of Nadia is on the tree. I picked a couple and one was ripe, the others fell when I netted tree. I’m very impressed with how much better Nadia got. Arctic Glo was like that too. Although my tree died from wet feet. The good news is another now mounded up was put in in the spring and it’s doing great! It’s growing like a beast!


I don’t think so. Mine is only half a tree, as the other half has been top worker with Arctic Star. You can’t judge production in the second year. You need to wait to the fourth/fifth year for nectarines/peaches.


No, it’s needs to be thinned heavily.


Big bag of Emerald Drop pluots from @fruitfruit! Lot of shameless fruit scouting from everyone nearby, this year :slight_smile: my first time tasting this variety and it is now one of my favorite plums/pluots! The really ripe ones have a hint of honey and a floral perfume


@californicus, these are very good pluots, one of the better one’s here as well!


Honey Blaze (21 brix) and Arctic Sweet (17 brix) from my trees. Compared to the California ones (25-30 brix) that I ate earlier in the season, my HB is not as intensely flavored, but still a great price of fruit to eat. Arctic Sweet is surprisingly good at 17 brix, my daughter liked it more than the HB, and it packed a decent amount of flavor and sweetness. This later variety is not talked much about here, but it is another variety that’s worth growing, I taste some of the flavor tones from Arctic Star in it.

This is California Honey Royal, such a beautiful price of fruit… didn’t measure the brix, but it was excellent tasting.


Ripe Shiro plums, only a handful set this year and nearly ripe Splash pluots.


Mislabeled peach. My first of the season. It was good.




Ok, its kind of a cheat because it came on the tree, but I shared it with a friend and we both laughed! First Caville Blanc d’hiver! Tiny but great taste. Both of my Apple trees have reblossomed and pollenated . There are new tiny apples on both trees . I’m sure they will drop.


My mom prefers rambutan, I actually prefer lychee, though the latter has a mild aftertaste to my palate. My main beef with rambutan is the way the seed’s outet shell seems to stick to the flesh in pieces. Lychee flesh slides off the seed smoothly (it’s also juicier). Both are excellent fruit though, and I always enjoy rambutan whenever I can find it.

Longan is weird though… Musky.

I ate Eugenia florida today. My first fruits off the tree, good sweet flavor, but the pulp was unexpectedly scant.