What fruits did you eat today?


You’ve got a very impressive cultivar list, which includes nearly everything I grow as well as a number of things I’d like to.

I’m near Portland Oregon. From mid July to early September its pretty hot, but it isn’t a long summer.

Do any of your mirabelles stand out from the others? I’ve got a couple. They seem mostly pleasant. They are a little easier than the gages, but flavor not so rich. I don’t get the cooking thing. They don’t seem to have a lot of flavor after cooking to me. I canned some last year, but thought them bland. I enjoy eating them fresh when they are ripe and very free stone. They are easier, and not as sticky compared to the gages.


All mirabelles taste very similar to me. I’ve not tried cooking them.


14 brix from a local farm market


I found this on a piece of property in N. Florida I might buy. Not sure what it is but it taste like a lime-orange. It probably needed a little longer on the bush/tree but I wanted to see what it was.
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My first taste of Purple Heart. It was really good. Brix at 19 does not look like a lot to some of you.

However, comparing to Beauty at 10, Shiro at 11 and Methley at 15, Purple Heart beats them easily.


Sweet bough apple, last year was very tasty, with hints of pineapple and honey. This year is bland.


Blondee, yellow Gala is my best behaved apple tree. Always looking good, even with my crazy humid weather.


I only had Longan once, several years ago, and I don’t fully recall the details. Just the sweetness and the musk (I don’t recall the texture, but I think it left a good impression). I’d like to try it again, but I killed off my seedling with neglect. Not a bad fruit, but it felt “weird” at the time.

Today I had my second taste of Jackfruit. The first time was package of Mexican bulbs from a Minnesota supermarket, and I disliked it for a perceived “oniony” taste (Ironically, I found Durian more agreeable). Today’s fruit was locally grown here in Puerto Rico, a surprise from a visiting friend… And it was a completely different experience!

Soft, juicy, sweet, it tasted and smelled like bubblegum, tutti frutti and banana. Delicious!


jackfruit is one of those fruits i have to force myself to stop eating


Those who know me know I love Mirabelles, well the season here started last week and only gets better. The really yellow Mirabelles from Lorraine are in season now and they are just a bite of pure floral fragrance and honey! So good. Had to make jam. In the process and with only two pounds of mirabelle and little sugar, doesn’t need it!


Doesn ‘t look so great now but it will become a bit more honey-like. I’m so happy with all fruit.


These Kyoho grapes are oh so sweet and fragrant. They taste just like the grape flavored Japanese gummies.


I’m trying to find a dark place to watch the Perseid meteors and so went to Eastern Washington.
Last night was suppose to be the best for viewing,but was cloudy and only one was seen near Moses Lake.
Tonight is better and ramv, told me of a place that is like an astronomy park,that is about twenty five miles, from my present location in Wenatchee.
Outside of town, these Plums were picked up at a fruit stand.Duarte(which I’ve grafted,but no fruit yet),Angelino and Flavor Heart.bb


The little one in the middle looks like an olive it’s so small! Was it flavorful?


Yes,the little Angelino has a nice flavor.Of the three,it was probably picked more closely to ripeness,while the other two are fairly firm,but I still like them bb


I grow kyoho in pot. It has fruits but not as large and nice tight packed as yours in the picture


where did you find plant or cutting of kyoho grapes? im looking i dont see online. thank you


I may have cutting(s) this fall if you are interested. Mine was originally from a Japanese as I was told . There are many so called kyoho circulating. Some are even seedless I heard.


@mamuang, 19 brix is very respectable, looks like a great eating plum!


I’ve had seedless Kyoho before while visiting Japan. I was told the seedless trait is artificially induced with gibberellin spray. These seedless ones were twice the size of the ones in the picture above.