What fruits did you eat today?


Wow. What a beauty!


@Monardella - Gorgeous! I added this tree last year. How does it taste?


They are very good. They are really large this year, however they are having trouble fully ripening. But still nice.


Largest maypop (Passiflora incarnata) I’ve ever seen. Diameter comes out to 2.7 inches.
Chock full of goodness!


Winblo peach. Brix 12.5. Texture is firm. Tasted sweet but there was definitely acid to it. Some may call it a bit on a sour side. Others may think it was just right.

Then, we ate Challenger after that. Texture is soft, fibrous, denser than Winblo. Sweet but detected no acid to it.

I like Winblo texture but Challenger’s taste as I prefer sweet to acidic fruit.

Both varieties are huge peaches. All weighed over 9 oz.
These year, somehow, I got Clemson bags on them before bugs got to peaches. They are almost all nice and clean peaches so far.


Tried 2 new to me apples today, Bates Lobo and Maud(e).
Bates Lobo is a large round apple, green/yellow base with a dark red blush. Heavy for it’s size, first apples off that graft. They are derecheo resistant! The graft didn’t have any CAR, no FB, and little JB damage. One fruit was damaged by JB feeding, both came off the tree easily and the fruit was crunchy and nice sweet/acid balance. Good-very good apple.
Maude came from an old Iowa State College apple paper as an recommended variety for Iowa growers. Mid 20’s. Maude looks like a slightly smaller version of Bates, slightly water cored just under the skin and nicely sweet, not overly crunchy but not dense or mealy. A good-very good apple. Some CAR, no FB, more extensive JB feeding on foliage and fruit. Also derecheo resistant.
Both apples haven’t browned noticeably in 30 mins. and both will go on the dryer and slices in the fridge.


Left plums in the fridge to avoid fruit flies and forgot about them.

Ate them today.
Lavina on the left. Brix at 23. Purple Heart on the right. Brix 22.
Both are very good plums.


Ali Baba


Flavor Queen pluot


Mam, in your honor I had to buy a Charentais melon. This one is a bit larger than most as the season is dying down and the melons are now gettting to baseball size. People still buy them and eat them. Melon is the fruit of summer here. Also, this is a true charentais so I will save the seeds. On my next trip to Cavaillon, next year I will hopefully go to the festival! When you buy a melon here you do not touch them or any fruit. You kindly tell the vendor when you want to eat the melon and it is selected for you for that day. I asked for one for tomorrow so it will be good then. They know their melons! LOL.


What? They don’t let customers fondle fruit until they bruise!!!

Anyway, we had dry summer until recently when rain arrived just in time for my fruit to ripen. So, as expected, many mirabelles have cracked.


That Flavor Queen looks luscious.


I have a green gage tree with mirabelles grafted to it. We also had dry summer until sudden rain. The gages cracked pretty badly but the mirabelles did not.

The Green gages taste so much better, I’m tempted to remove most of the Mirabelle wood even though it produces much more fruit. They are supposed to be good for cooking/canning but I don’t understand why, other than ease of processing.


It was. Faint apricot flavor, with a little plum in there. Extremely juicy and maximum sweetness.


My Green Gage is so stingy on fruit, I removed most of the branches.

My Parfume de Septembre mirabelles have cracked more than mirabelle de Nancy. My guess is because Parfume are closer to ripen so they suffer more damage. Not that de Nancy is any more resistant to cracking. They are about the same, IMO.


Blood peach

Physalis, blackberry and golden pepino melon


Trombone squash


Picked 2 or 3 gallons of mirabelles and green gages.

Last year I canned a couple jars of mirabelles in very light syrup, but they were insipid and pretty soft. They were fine, but no more interesting than canned mandarin oranges.

Maybe I’ll add some lemon and make some fruit leather.


All my mirabelles that are ripening now have cracked. Fortunately, they still taste good, though unsightly!!


That’s the biggest maypop I’ve ever seen.