What fruits did you eat today?


Goji berries Crimson Star


Intrepid and Contender peaches intepid cut open


They look great and make a better jam.


It seems mirabelles would add good texture to a jam, but not much flavor. I fear it would be insipid. I think I made a small amount last year, but don’t really remember. Maybe I will again.

What goes into a good mirabelle jam besides the fruit and sugar, which is the extent of the ingredient lists of my favorite “recipes” for jam?



Super Red pear, absolutely sensational pear, probably the best we have ever had! Smooth melting sweet flesh with the perfect amount of acid and a slight bit of grit that we love. Other great pears here are Comice, Warren, and Harrow Delight. There is another really good pear we are growing that I can’t remember the name without going out and checking, and it is super popular and related to Comice. In our really hot summers the Super Red is a winner, and can be counter ripened, which is very nice as we have very little refrigerator space. The brix on this pear measured at 21, and still has a very nice firm texture, awesome pear!


I’ve never heard of Super Red pear. Where did you get it?


Mam’s Parfum de Septembre were some of the most fragrant Mirabelles grown in the US. She has the ‘touch’ and the jam I made from them was like eating honey, flowers and plums. All wonderful. What variety do you have?


Excuse the morning sunlight glare, it is a Charentais and it is deep orange.


@murky, I purchased Super Red from Fowler nursery.


I have Mirabelle de Metz and Geneva Mirabelle. They are quite sweet, and have some richness when ripe enough to begin softening. I definitely get the “honey” part, not so much the flowers and plums.

My wife loves them fresh and prefers them to Green Gage because the Mirabelles have no tartness in the skin. But that makes them more bland to me. The texture, body, and sugar along with free stone make them nice for fresh eating.

My wife blended some and made popcicles. She blended some with raspberries which tasted really good. The plums added body and honey flavor. No sugar added.


My one and only Shinsui for the year from a 2nd leaf tree. There were many flowers but a late freeze wiped most of them out. It’s a smaller pear but high in flavor. Very fragrant with a butterscotch aroma. The skin is also not tough or rough on the palate. I’m definitely looking forward to more of this pear in future years.


The mirabelle’s are growing on me for eating fresh. It’s easy to eat way to many for comfort.

I think I remember now. I may not have made jam with mine, but may have purchased some commercial mirabelle jam, probably Bon Maman, and found it insipid.

I made jam tonight from 1.3 kilos of mirabelle flesh and about 500 grams of sugar. I’d measured out 600 but couldn’t get myself to add the last 100 or so because it was so sweet already. I’ll see the texture in the morning. Also added the juice of one lemon.

My wife and daughter prepped the fruit, that was great.

I don’t have high expectations for the flavor, but will see. At the very least it should be good where I’d otherwise like honey. I tend to like jam with strong flavor like black currant, honeyberry, raspberry, and Beauty plum with it’s super tart skin.

But for yogurt or maybe with peanut butter, I like honey.

BTW, a bunch went into the dehydrator as a fruit leather experiment. Just pureed mirabelles.


All looks great. I love mirabelle jam on a croissant. Gilding the lily! The Bonne Maman jam is all sugar!


Just in case you are wondering whether the fruit you ate today or this year matches up with the fruit most American’s are eating, I thought this was a really interesting chart. Looks like Bananas are the number one fresh eaten fruit (by a lot). Apples make up the most if you include juice. ANyway, interesting stuff.

I don’t see any jujubes or paw paws or most of the other fruits us fruit freaks here enjoy! ha. We need to work harder to introduce such things to more people.


The pears look so delicious :yum: What is the name of these pears?


It’s Shipova pear. The Shipova (× Sorbopyrus irregularis (Münchh.) C.A.Wimm.) is a hybrid of the European Pear (Pyrus communis) and the Common Whitebeam (Sorbus aria).


Are those Mirabelle de Metz or Geneva mirabeele?

My mirabelles, de Nancy and Parfume de Septembre are cling stones. No way I could take out their pits as cleanly as your wife and daughter did.

I did make jam from PdS. It was sweet. Kinda, one dimension.

The fruit for fresh eating are very sweet. Those with sophisticated taste buds may find it one dimension. Everyone I have given them to, love them, however.


I finally got around to eat Arctic Jay. Very sweet, same ball park as Arctic Star.

For people who love sweet fruit like @thecityman, @Ahmad and me, (and my family) this nectarine is very nice.


Shipova is a hybrid of pear and mountain ash, isn’t it? I have never seen nor tasted such delicious looking pear/ash fruits