What fruits did you eat today?


Yes that’s it.


I have couple of Arctic jay hanging on the tree. But mine are still very green.


Yep! Confessed sugar lover here and that is a wonderful looking fruit! No bug bites or blemishes of any kind. Nicely grown.

You know, I have an Arctic Fantasy and its just not a very good nectarine. I know most people are thrilled with the Arctic series and you are confirming that here again. But I bought mine from Willis Orchards back before I knew how shady they were, so I’m really suspicious if mine even is an arctic fantasy??? Anyway, yours sure looks good.


Will it be compatible on E. pear tree if it is grafted?


Yes i think so…


Hmmm, make me thinking , want to graft a stick on my pear tree


Sorry, forgot to mention above. It’s Shipova like Luis wrote.

I think it can be grafted on all pear rootstocks. @murky grafted it onto aronia.

I read some negative reviews about the taste, but I like it a lot. I can agree with the description: “like nashi pear with a distinct floral taste”.


Sounds even better.I definitely want to try. Thanks for sharing the picture and description of its flavor


No problem. I’m glad you like it. :wink:


Here’s the story about Arctic Fantasy. https://www.lecooke.com/le-cooke-blog/Arctic-Fantasy-Nectarine-History.html.

Unfortunately, when I googled nurseries that sells this variety, what what showed up?
Willis, Spring Hill, and TyTy!!! Not sure I have any confidence in those nurseries.

I had Arctic Star in the past before both grafts died. This Arctic Jay is similar to Arctic Star so they appear related.

We got lucky this year as we seemed to have less pest pressure. Also, we had a relatively dry (drought by our standard) summer which helped keep diseases low. Once I bagged them with Clemson bags, they were well protected.


That was a super informative little article. It also makes me think its even less likely that I have a real arctic fantasy.

I’m not familiar with Spring Hill nurseries, but I wouldn’t order from Willis or TyTy unless I had a gun to my head! ha. WHEW they are both just full-blown crooks IMHO.


Some random fig I planted from cuttings. I managed to kill them all somehow but this one survived. I threw out all the tags so no idea what it is.


I picked this plum/pluot from a grafted branch. The tag probably was blown off by the wind. Only 2 fruits left so I protectd them with a hime made screen bag. It is late in the season and they don’t look like will be soft soon. I am afraid the squirrels might pick them before me. So I picked one , at least I can taste it. It is firm(unripe I think), very sweet for an unripe fruit, and free stone. I I’m not sure it wants to turn red or turn yellow🙄. Anyone might guess what cultivar this could be?


It looks like the Flavor Grenade pluot that I am eating, shape and the bumpy skin color… :wink:


Impressive! I think you are right.I didn’t grafted flavor grenade and do not know where it is on the tree


One more mysterious fruit. This was also grafted, only have this one fruit hanging on the branch. I don’t think it is ripe yet. It is quite crisp, free stone . I think it’s supposed to be red flesh but it looks like can’t make its mind yet.
So, what cultivar this might be?


Looks like unripe Dapple Dandy to me.


The skin and shape looks like that Plum/Pluot that Kevin(thecityman)received by mistake as a tree.
mamuang possibly has some grafted.Were any scions sent from her?bb


Perfe​:+1::+1:thanks a lot for the scions. I finally know where it is and got tasted it.
BTW when it’s usually ripe in your area?


I believe it’s from Ahmad couple of years ago