What fruits did you eat today?


Do your Dapple Dandy have that heart shape to them,being pointed at the bottom?
The DD I’ve had are more rounded,comparable to online photos.bb


Dapple Dandy ripens (soft ripe) mid to late September for me, but it does not get enough sun. I think it can ripen a couple of weeks earlier if the sun situation was better.


Mine is more rounded, I think the heart shape in Annie’s photo is kind of growth deformity, related to the small cavity below the pit.


You are correct. I saw other fruits on the same branch mostly were round shape. Unfortunately they dropped early due to PC damage


Collective Farm Woman melon


That one is really small for a “Kolhoznitza” (Collective Farm Woman) melon, they’re typically much larger. The skin pattern and color are also off.


Been doing some research on this variety, and it appears that people who know this melon from Russia and adjoining areas claim that the one we are growing in the USA is not the same variety. But the descriptions provided on reviews at rareseeds.com perfectly match what I grew. I got the seeds from a neighbor, who got them from a small seed company in Oregon. Well, getting muskmelons to sweeten up in my garden has been a real struggle, and this little melon did great so I’ll continue with it.


I have no idea what rareseeds.com is selling, but I ate hundreds of Kolhoznitza melons when I was a kid, and they were completely different from the one on the photo.

Update: I just remembered that I bought some Collective Farm Woman melon seeds from rareseeds.com, but never get to growing them. Ok, at least now I’m prepared for the disappointment. :wink:


Haul from Andys Orchard today :slightly_smiling_face:


Just an idea - may be you can lease part of that orchard :smile: Kidding aside, the fruits look great from your pics and their FB posts this year


The Broken Heart look more yellower than mine,but I think there may be the characteristic purple line,along the suture,though.Is the flesh amber,with marbled streaks of red?bb


mamuang, I just noticed your question about my mirabelle variety.

I have both Mirabelle de Metz and Geneva Mirabelle grafted to the same tree, which was originally some sort of green gage. Now half of the tree is gage and the other “half”, although more vigorous and taller, are the mirabelles.


Do you preference between the two mirabelles?

I have de Nancy and Parfume de Septembre. They taste the same. Nancy is a tad bigger but de Septembre is prettier with more red blush and/or speckles.


@Bradybb Yes, flesh is yellow marbled with red (not purple though). They are not fully ripe yet. Next time I cut open one, I’ll post a pic.


Thanks to the searing hot summer (100Fs in September!!) here, the guavas are ripening ahead of their season. Our first Red Malaysian guava of the year

Tasted very sweet with only a few seeds.


Here are a couple photos of mine,on this thread,about a year ago.The first one showing the dark purple line along the suture,on the skin.bb


Freckle Face yellow nectarine, a Burchell tree. Finally, found a nectarine tree that is worth growing. A good balance of sweet and tart.

The color was not deep red because they were in Clemson bags and the bags were mostly shaded by so many leaves.





Raf , you need to help me fix this giant Jack fruit. It is going to be a 2 hours job.


Makes my mouth water. Jackfruit is no dessert. It is actually a full meal by itself. I can have that for dinner and have nothing else and will be fine and satiated