What fruits did you eat today?


Home grown Cosmic Crisp Apple.9.19.20


Seckel pears. First year production. Sweet, smooth. A keeper.


Those are very nice looking figs, hope you don’t mind me asking what variety is it?


This variety is called Dalmatie. Not a rare fig but not often mentioned at least not that I notice.


It looks amazing. How does it taste like?


Bought an Apple tasting box at the epicenter nursery. We have been trying 1-2 apples everyday

We liked Pomme Gris the best. I had high hopes for Hudson’s Golden Gem but the texture was a bit dry. Rubaiyat was a surprise. I thought all the red-fleshed Apples were too tart but this one was very nice. Still, the Fujis I had at @Girly’s place were a few steps above any of these apples.


Moon& star watermelon

And pawpaw

First time know what pawpaw tasted like. Thanks to JustPeachy who shared


Araças and sete capotes to juice…


I’m super jealous, that looks divine! Was it comparable to the store bought?


Handful of perpetua blueberries, yellow Ann, and one raspberry shortcake. First year with these plants.


Gissarskii Rozovyi pomegranates are really good, just the right balance of sweetness and acidity and an excellent flavor. Seeds are very soft.



Never seen these types of fruits before, very unusual


I am lucky. Thank you so much Ben.


Elephant Heart plum, meaty, sweet and delish. They hung on a tree for a long time. A plum worth growing.


I like to grow rare fruits… Our climate is great to grow sub-tropicals.


Where did you got your tree/scions from? I searched for it along with Crimson Crisp, but had no luck.


@JeNeI From Raintree nursery. They’re sold to Washington residents only.


Raspberries, but not from my garden. They were the best!


I can’t wait to taste them. I planted Elephant Heart last spring on top of my last born child’s placenta (the tree is basically an organ tree…), so come next year, I’ll allow it to set a couple of fruits if all goes well.


I grew Pepino a few years ago. While they never reached the size of the spectacle you showed, it did produce a ton. A very late ripening fruit though and it does not taste much like anything. What was your experience flavor wise?