What fruits did you eat today?


I tried Fall Gold and Bababerry with no luck, same for the Nachez and Tripple Cown blackberries. My place may be too hot, even the strawberries don’t have many fruits. The Prime Ark 45 and Freedom blackberries, and Frederick Passion fruit, however, set fruits when the temperature goes below 90F.
I am still trying to clean up the ashes from the fires, so there is no incentive to put in new plants. Yesterday there were one brush fire and three small fires near our place. We were inside and didn’t know the air smelled full of smoke. Luckily, we went out to check the bearded dragon like usual and got him in time, he was gasping for air.


Tried a rubinette first time it was very good eating off tree. My lone suncrisp had bird peck and was rotting so picked and tried other side. Way to tart. Tried a first karmijn de sonnaville to tart still early. Something stripped grapes and chewed on my lone Susquehanna paw paw. Looked at my drippen honey still not there.


Lots of jujubes. I can eat a lot in one sitting.


Also tried a king David. To early yet seed not quite black. This one might be a November apple for me.


My apples are running late this year in Tacoma.


Would love to be able to get some scionwood. I live in Europe.


Tippy, your jujubes look so delicious. My mouth is watering


I wish your lived near me.


Living nearby and having chances to sample your fruits all season long is my wish too😂


Sorry I cannot give anyone scions. Its still on pattern copyright. Hopefully you understand. And the fruits will available for all over 80 countries very soon. @JeNeI.


From the farmers market, I think it is a Charleston gray!


According the DWN, yesterday (Oct 10) was the start of the Giant Fuyu harvest window. I am in the same zone as DWN, so I tried one of my fruits even though it certainly doesn’t appear ripe. It was perfectly edible, sweet and crunchy, but definitely not up to its full potential. It doesn’t yet have the juicy, succulent quality that they do when fully ripe.


Beautiful! Make my mouth watering😋


Clementines from Corsica! The best!


Our starking apples :yum:


Small container planted Violette de Bordeaux had one ripe fig out ahead of the main crop. Small tree (3’ diameter drop line tops) has a large amount of fruit (more than 20), not sure if it’ll ripen in time.

It’s the first I’ve had since buying the tree


do you grow any other asian persimmons? beside the gaint fuyu they sure are huge!


Yes I have Jiro, Maru, Chocolate, Coffeecake and Izu. Would love to grow more but where is the space?


Monardella, I’d love to see pictures of your fruit. Especially Izu and Jiro since I’m doubting the label on my Izu tree. I’m also growing Chocolate and Coffeecake. They have 1 fruit each. Both quite small on young trees.


Tried my first cornus capitata / Himalayan strawberry tree from a friend’s trees.
Liked so much that I bought a tree from him.
Lots of pulp, big fruits. Taste is subjective but reminds me a banana like taste.

The tree I bought from him