What fruits did you eat today?


@fullplate The Pawpaw fruit in picture not from my orchard.
My Taytwo and Sunflower fruits are still on the trees and ready to pick and let’s them ripe in room temperature. Taytwo dropped a few a couple days ago.


Tamarillo… the first of the year


Arbutus unedo, Strawberry Tree:


I love them! I have to see if mine are already matured… :yum:


This reminds me,that I should check some local trees.


For me, they have just barely started to ripen. Pretty tasty.


The fruit looked very delicious but I read somewhere said it is not worth of eating. I would like to hear your description/comments of the strawberry tree fruit flavor


They are very good! Very sweet… not juicy but more a sweet paste… the flavour is like persimmon.


Well for years I ate them and they tasted like flavorless pulp. But starting about ten years ago, for some mysterious reason, they started tasting really good…tart and sweet. Maybe it’s global warming or just random luck. But like raspberries, if they get too ripe they seem to lose their flavor.


They nead hot temp at least here…


Bearss lime:


Mark, Louis, thanks for your inputs. I am updating my knowledge of the strawberry tree fruits


A good friend here has a giant tree in her garden. The fruits look so good, but are always just left to drop. They are not really eaten here. Too bad. Will have to try one this fall!




More clementines from Corsica!


My breakfast today…


Feijoa (landscape, not a named variety):


Feijoa me too. Freshly ripe. So good


More Jiro (OK I didn’t actually eat them today, but…)


We didn’t heat them today but will… :blush:

Buddha’s hand lemon, araça una, Australia bush cherry, fausterime finger lime and Inga vulpina.